Truth Must Be Told

The truth most be told,
for many see and deny their sight.

Behind closed doors another world exist,
Where true images of people rule the world.

Their cities are built not out of cement and bricks,
but of the evil and cheats which they insist.

The citizens are like foxes, deceitful and untrue,
Awaiting for their turn to slash and uproot.

They fight alongside each other,
with weapons which to our eyes seem illusive,
but to our minds they are real and true.

They move into battle with weapons of all kinds,
 but to the rulers, two are the strongest of their kind.

To all those who donโ€™t live in their world,
it seems as so,
the rulers ride with a sword and shield,

their names best known to the citizens of the shadows
it goes by the name bribery and corruption,
where corruption is the sword and bribery the shield.

And from below,
they destroy our world with weapons of their evil kind.

Who are the citizens you may ask?
I do not know for the roam in the shadows with evil as their light
to my very knowledge I am aware of their aim.

Their aim is to drown with power and riches,
to acquire this they go towards many lengths,
stopping only when they have inhaled their last breath.


47 thoughts on “Truth Must Be Told

  1. Picture perfect post with the weapons of powerful words used to describe the bribe n corruption which are beating down the poor n innocent badly all over the world. Stay blessed dear Girl โค

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  2. SMiLes Dear Annabel Where i Live There is An Oddest
    Civil War There Are Those Who Are Not Ignorant Who
    Remain Relatively Safe and Free And There Are

    Those Who Are Ignorant

    Who Are Used By Leaders

    Who Are Despicable Who

    Take Advantage of Ignorant
    Minions in the General Populace

    By The Oldest Tool of MaNiPuLaTioN

    By False Fears Pulling The Scary HeART

    Strings Like


    At the

    Hands of those Puppeteers

    Who Wish to Rise In Power,
    And Material Gains of Status

    On The Backs of the Dwarfs

    They Stand Upon And Crush

    In This Case Even Unmasked Children…

    Obviously It’s Not Much Better in Nigeria

    Yet This Was Supposed to Be the place

    The ‘Smart’

    Folks Migrate

    to Be Free And Note

    They Still Do And They
    Both Survive and Thrive still now too..

    It’s Survival of the Fittest It’s Not all About

    The Goliath Who Is Slow Witted it’s About

    The Davy Who Has Greatest Tools to Defeat Ignorance

    As it Falls

    Down Now

    “Own” Its

    On Sword

    ‘These Days’

    WHere David Only

    Need Watch it Crash From A Distance
    All On ItS OWN Sowing Reaping Falling Down…

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  3. This sounds like a speech in the form of a poem. We can name it โ€” The Speech Poem. ๐Ÿ˜

    Anyway, what matters is our thoughts, ideas and expression. And you’re efficient and smart here.๐Ÿ˜‰

    Truth must be told.

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  4. Talk about the perfect way to call out this nation!!
    I live the way you described it as weapons. So many people behave been undone by these weapons, and it’s terrible.
    It needs to stop, everywhere in the world.

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      1. I know right. Things would be so much better.
        I don’t really watch Big Brother, it’s too time taking. I wait for my friends to watch it and tell me the stories.๐Ÿ˜…๐Ÿ˜…


  5. That’s what is a powerful post!! I loved loved it Anna!! Words are beautifully woven!
    Very strongly your words spoke about the corruption and bribery which is just creating a hollowness in this society! Needs to be thrown out earliest โค๏ธ

    (P.S, Answered your questions on the Sunshine Blogger Award post of mine.. hope you like them)

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