Why Are You A Blogger?

I just realized that blogging is one the best thing that has happened to me and I really love what I do with my blog.

For me: Sitting down and distilling your ideas and insights into structured sentences and paragraphs is an art. Wrangling and wrestling those words into shape will produce clarity from the cloud. Make it a practice every day, and magic happens.

Why are you a blogger? Why are you still blogging? Why do you love blogging? And why haven’t you quit blogging?


94 thoughts on “Why Are You A Blogger?

      1. I receive most of my support from my friends and classmates. I have only met a handful of Nigerians that are supportive towards my blog. I think we don’t have the reading culture.

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      2. Yeah. Its quite obvious that Nigerians don’t have the reading culture and find it very hard to cultivate that. I do receive some views through twitter. Have you linked your blog to twitter? Thats a great start.

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      3. It takes time definitely. That takes me back to 8 months ago. I really was giving up at a certain time but gradually, it worked out. Take time to do everything, updating regularly Might bore your readers out so create quality contents at your own pace and post. Goodluck!

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  1. I am a blogger because blogging helps round out who I am and also helps me work out what type of useful information I can put out there along with sharing some of my experiences: both work and personal. I enjoy it. The biggest challenge is consistency and a routine, but I am getting there!

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  2. I lose my job during corona lockdown. then started blogging for earning some income.
    Till I have 70 followers.
    Please all bloggers support me, I will supporting back too.

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    1. I hope everyone who reads this would support you, I really wish I could make a post dedicated to you but I am busy with school work and can only repost my previous posts. When I am less busy, consider it done..

      I hope you earn so much with your blog❤

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  3. Well…Nice and short and on point.Greatvince blog or became a blogger for the following 1)connect with other people 2)to learn more about blogging 3)score some fans 4)for growth and leadership and to overstand what is going on in the world and learn different cultures.

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  4. Well… Nice and short.Greatvince blog or became a blogger for the following 1)connect with other people 2)to learn more about blogging 3)score some fans 4)for growth and leadership and to overstand what is going on in the world and learn different cultures.


  5. SMiLes Annabel
    Worth It Becoming
    A Blogger Seeing Humans
    Interacting So Kindly Freely

    With Humans

    Around The

    World You Really

    Admirably Are Doing

    A Great Work Of Life Particularly
    At Your Youthful Age Commendable

    Indeed Keep Connecting Stellar



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      1. SMiLes Dear Anna Pleasure All
        Mine i Come From A Place
        The Richest Nation
        In The World Now
        The Most Beautiful
        Abundant Environment
        On The Planet Earth Yet
        Within The Ornate Walls
        Of The Fabulous Temple
        With Golden Chalices
        And Golden Robed
        Priests When
        The Sign
        Of Peace Is Given
        After The Lord’s Prayer
        In Catholic Church The
        Congregation Waiting
        For Communion Bread
        Even Before The


        Doesn’t Even


        The Existence

        Of The Human

        Standing Next to
        Them And Standing
        In The Back Row Pew
        Waiting to Exit it The
        Members Streaming

        Out From The

        Front Pews Won’t

        Even Pause Long

        Enough To Let

        The Folks in

        The Last

        Pew Out Perhaps

        Your Country Nigeria

        Is Not As Rich As Here

        Yet You Surely Act



        Lives Close

        In Your Home

        Living Spirit Soul

        Of Love Who Pays

        Attention to Every Soul

        Yes Where i Come From

        A Fresh


        Of Spirit Air

        Thanks Belongs To You❤️😊

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  6. Hi, great question. I blog to share any information about classroom to all my students and world as well. As lecturer, it is important to guide regarding the new material about urban planning (for example) that we never teach in the classroom. For instance there is something new on a data science discipline that is very important in the smart city discussion. We, as urban planner, never learn and discuss data science but we always talk about smart city.

    This new insight is something important to share with each other on blog, and I do that. Not only for smart city but also the usage of technology on research. We have to upgrade our skill on research with mastering some software. In this part, we need to share the experience of using software on blog.

    That’s why blogging is ‘a the best way’ to share.

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  7. Retired since 2007 from a very stressful computer consultant job of 27 years. Financially stable so I blog just for the art, poetry, music and fun of it.

    Nothing to prove and nothing to really gain!

    Have often thought of giving it all up and know I should cut back more!

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      1. 👍🏼👻🌈…a few words of advice…take personal charge of your life and career…don’t just do what’s expected…do the unexpected!

        And remember…

        Information is not knowledge,
        Experience is knowledge!

        Albert Einstein

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  8. Blogging helps me vent out my emotions and feelings in a nonviolent manner . It helps me connect with people and see the world from their lenses. It makes me feel better about myself at the end of the day , and gives me a sense of belonging.

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    1. We share similar reasons for blogging. Writing keeps me alive and makes me feel better too😩❤..
      Thank you for sharing your reasons with me🌹and thank you for visiting my blog🎇. Good morning✨

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  9. “I rather be a *Blogger* than a *Logger*-
    A *Logger* cut wood to build *Houses*-
    A *Blogger* turn words into love making a *House* a *Home*”:
    _-Van Prince

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      1. A blogger is usually a compentent writer that will lead to a successful author and bloggers should be thinking about co/writing books together!

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      2. My *New World Order* of poetry and other genresare get modern day wrtersto respect the greats of old but don’t put them over you.

        My poetry motto worldwide is:

        Has Its Own Country.” _-Van Prince

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