How To Deal With Failure

Accept Failure.

The first step in dealing with failure is to accept that failure is natural. We all have bad days and weeks. Days that nothing seems to go right and our brain has nothing left in it. Failure hurts, at least for the first time. Failure is absolutely normal and acceptable. Its ok to fail sometimes. Most days, I feel like my life is a test I didn’t study for. And it’s like I’m being huddled into getting an F with a deserving ass whooping. In a day when you don’t come across problems, then you are definitely travelling on the wrong path or probably lost. Be strong, failure is not the end.

Don’t Make It Personal.

Do you know what’s worse than failing to eat before an exam? Failing at parenting. Its that painful. You get to watch your failure fail miserably at trying to raise a better kid. I once had a neighbor who was a drunk and would beat up his kids and wife everytime. Children have never been very good at listening to their elders but they never fail to imitate them. So little johnny grew up with the mentality that he could turn anyone and anything into a punching bag. And so did his brother Tommy. Now it’s an entire lineage of angry birds. Or better still, clash of clans. When you have failed as a parent, you have failed not just yourself but an entire generation. Controlling parents will always assume their kids are the properties they can possess. All they do is nag about their kids grades and how many hours they spend on their phones. Hold the hell up sister Agnes, her English period wasn’t the only period she missed. You gerrit?


Your life should constantly be under construction. They is always something to improve. Its never too late to be what you might have being. Except of course, you wanted to be a serial killer. When ever you feel like giving up, remember better days are coming. They are called Saturday’s and Sunday’s. You know, I made it through today without beating anyone with a chair. I would say my people skills are improving. Then you can definitely improve anything about your life. If you want to be diamond, you have to get ready to be cut like a diamond. When it rains, it pours, but soon, the sun shines again. Why wait for the sun? You should grab an umbrella or better still, your blanket. It’s either the easy way or the hard way. What matters is that you don’t fail at both. Life is a shipwreck but you must not forget to sing in the lifeboats. If you don’t know where you are going, ask for directions or visit a hotel. I heard they have amazing sharwama’s.

Visit A Therapist.

God gives us relatives. Thank God we can choose our therapists. And if you think a therapists would ruin all your weirdness, you can talk to me. Everything is definitely going to be fine someday. But for now,

Here is a drawing of a cat.

  • How To Make Fewer Comparisons
    What Steps Did I Take To Make Fewer Comparisons? I Recognized That Everyone Is Flawed And Imperfect: I believe that the major cause of my inferiority complex was my inability to recognize that everyone is flawed and perfection is impossible. I wanted to change a lot of things about my life because I felt that these features and characteristics made me weird. But in reality, they made me unique. Everyone is flawed. I Helped Others. There is nothing better and more satisfying than reaching out and helping people. I believe that what matters at the end of everything is not what you have or your accomplishments, it’s about who you have helped and what you have given back to this world.
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  • How To Seek And Build Knowledge From Good Sources
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  • It’s My Birthday Today!
    It’s my birthday today! 365 days have passed since the last time I celebrated my last birthday. It still feels like yesterday and I cannot describe how fast time flies.  Within the last 365 days, I have cried, laughed, danced, rejoiced, mourned, and learned crucial life lessons. But most importantly, I have become a better person and I have taken a step towards my life goals. This is an appreciation post for the life I have lived for the past 1 year. 
  • The Nothingness Of Nothing
    The nothingness of nothing We come into this world with nothing Our purpose, to make something out of nothing The end, we leave with nothing.

21 thoughts on “How To Deal With Failure

  1. Hehe, my Wife Katrina is Constantly

    Reminding Me (EVERY SINGLE

    i FAiL At Paying Attention

    (i Put Stuff off too
    And She’s Such
    A Wonderful
    Alarm Clock
    When i’m
    Late for

    Important Dates
    As THere is No
    Time Within me
    For Real hehe)

    SucH A Dismal

    Failure i

    Seem to Be

    The Thing is Marry

    Someone You Love

    Where You Will Love This

    Kind of Attention And Only

    Smile With Loving Eyes When

    You Get It And Return With Yes

    Dear For All Their Suggestions to
    Do it Better

    Next Go


    As ADHD

    Again to Save

    The Day to Receive




    DAY FOR 32 YEars Now For Listening

    Long Enough To Always Exclaim Yes Dear With A SMiLe…

    It’s True

    ‘Nice Guys’

    Do Finish First

    As Long As We Stay That Way…
    SMiLes Dear Annabel Hope You

    Are Behaving Yourself Today too And
    Always Failing Up Like me With SMiLes..;)

    Liked by 2 people

      1. Always A Pleasure 🌹
        Dear Annabel i Enjoy
        The Clever Wit You

        Use Describing

        The “Condition”

        Of The Human

        Hehe i
        Feel Rather
        No Longer Slave
        To “Black And
        White Think”

        That only Move
        From Side To Side

        Of Page
        And Particularly
        Slave to Wall


        Once The

        Mad Hatter

        Figures out
        Time Really

        Moves In

        ReVerse With
        SMiles ARiSinG
        In The Subconscious



        We Know
        It So Socrates
        Seems At Least
        In Part Correct

        In Suggesting
        He Knows Nothing

        Anyway off To Solve
        The Rest Of The


        Of the Only
        World i Don’t
        Know Before 8 AM
        Yes the iNFiNiTY


        8 i Am
        Standing Tall ⏰
        Notice The Alarm




        10:10 AM

        Thanks For
        The Extra

        2 Hours
        10 Minutes
        To Get The Job Done
        Whoever Previously


        The Alarm
        Clock Icon
        Hehe See What i Mean 🎩


      2. SMiles Dear Annabel
        So Many Forms of
        Slavery Yes Thank

        God in Our
        Modern World
        Many Escaped

        Yet Wherever
        There is Human
        Culture The Reality
        Of Tradition That
        Bonds And Binds
        Over Commonly
        Held Symbols

        And Ideologies
        There Is The Slavery
        To Conform Or Become


        As Tradition
        By Very Nature
        Outcasts Those
        Who Do Not Conform

        Modern Technology
        Provides The Individual

        Access To
        That Group
        Think Has
        No Way
        To Control
        O V E R
        Our Freedoms
        Within The Limits
        Of Laws Of Course

        And Freedoms of
        Financial Independence

        A Challenge
        To Obtain
        Full Relative
        Free Will Yet
        Yes Possible

        To Remove
        So Many
        Imposed Chains ⛓🦋


  2. Failures and rejections are part of life. Failures will be there what matters is his well you take it, understand the reasons, improve and hit back .
    Very well articulated Anna.
    Stay blessed always

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Failure is normal, yes, failure is acceptable. It is the first step to success. If you have never failed, you have never done something right💯💕

      Thank you for reading 💕🌹


  3. A high school friend didn’t do too well at her studies. But once she got to college and could study whatever she was interested in, she began to excel. Difficult to put in the hard work to do well at something that bores you.


  4. I actually went back to start the read all over again😂 while Faded played in the background (thanks for that by the way. More songs please.😊 It’s a new thing now, right? Yhaayyyy🤸 Alan Walker is a favorite of mine🤗)
    December sure promises to be great for me, judging by the first piece I read after my little break from WordPress… This piece!💯
    Great lessons imbedded within, and it sure made for a good laugh😂😂


  5. I love the advice in this post. I whole heartedly agree that we need to take responsibility for our failure , as well as learn and improve from them.
    It’s okay to fail as long as you do your best to make sure it doesn’t happen again


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