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Let Your Mind Speak By Anita Ezema Is Out On Amazon

I am so happy to announce that my book of poetry has been published on Amazon and my website

The long wait is over. One year has gone and my new book of poetry titled “Let Your Mind Speak” is on sale. Thank you all for your patience and encouragement throughout this journey.

I started writing this book two years ago, filling up pages with my thoughts and ideas. I had no idea that someday, I would publish this book for everyone to read.

Let Your Mind Speak is a poetry book that will help you to truly discover your purpose, accept yourself and learn to freely express your thoughts and feelings.

"And so we have a generation of young people on social media so terrified of having the wrong opinions that they have robbed themselves of the opportunity to think and to learn and to grow."

The above excerpt comes from an essay titled “It is obscene,” which was published by Chimamanda Adichie.

Chimamanda Adichie inspired me to write and publish this book. As a writer, I have adopted the behavior of voicing my opinion at all times for the sole purpose of enriching my readers positively.

This book is not about success. It’s about thinking. It’s about breaking the barriers of your mind and expanding beyond your ordinary limit. You are told they are few things you can control in life, but in reality, there are few things you can not control.

Every step you take in life affects you and many people around you. Your life is a reflection of your thoughts and you are guided by what you think and believe in. If you believe you can do something, you will do it. But if you don’t, you may never do it.

Our mind shapes our lives and future more than we think. I started reading books so much because they allowed me to travel around the world without moving my feet. Every book I read was a discovery, an assurance that life was more than I thought. My discoveries along the way changed my life. And every poem in this book is dedicated to everyone trying to travel and experience self-discovery.

If you find yourself saying “Oh, I can’t do this,” be rest assured that you can but your mind is limiting you. You cannot play tricks with your mind, you would only drive yourself crazy. However, you can defeat your mind. You can direct and govern your mind. And once you do that, you can challenge yourself. You will begin to take risks without fear and learn from every experience.

Your mind is the key to improving yourself and impacting positively in the world. Let this book help you discover what you truly love. I hope this book guides you through mental freedom and self-discovery.

I want to thank my Editor, my friends, and other writers who have been constantly sharing my poems on all platforms. Thank you for making this dream possible.

You can buy my book on Amazon for just $6 or for free on my website. Use this link to get my book for free on my website.

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