What Is Your Purpose?

As you face diverse problems daily
Tossed around by your challenges
Have you ever thought?
What is your purpose in the world?

That reason you were made by him
That honor you are made to bring
For which you were born and nurtured
Have you discovered your purpose?

Focusing on your difficulties
Will only blind your weak eyes
Not for the wealth and glory
Have you truly discovered yourself?

Are you ready to see yourself?
Are you ready to bloom like a flower?
What are you waiting for?
Whom are you waiting for?

Listen closely to your heart
To the truth that it holds
The mysteries it creates
Your purpose is your story

The inner workings of your mind
That you strive to silence
But still finds you in the lines of your life
That is your purpose

What does your mind tell you?
Does it really matter? Yes.
Cherish your purpose
You are born with that purpose.

Wealth or fame cannot define you
The joy they bring is temporary
But your purpose last forever
In this world and the next to come.

  • Critical Thinking Questions: Have you discovered your purpose? What do you truly wish to achieve in life? What are your priorities? What are your short and long term goals?
  • Books To Read: Man’s Search For Meaning By Victor E, The Element by Ken Robinson, And Let Your Life Speak By Parker Palmer.
  • Action Step: Make a decision today to always work towards your goals in life.

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