End Of September Reflections

Stop! I have some questions before you keep scrolling. 

What significant thing did you accomplish this month? Did you do anything to help you grow personally? Did you invest your time in anything? What did you do this month that made you so happy? Did you help anyone or do something to solve the problems around you? 

If you have no answer to any of the questions above, you need to set time aside and reflect on your life, feelings, and goals. 

When last did you take time to think about the things that matter to you? When last did you do the things you really like? 

I have prepared some questions that would help you reflect on your activities and lifestyle in September. I will also be giving answers to these questions. Reflecting on your life is a powerful tool for driving change and effecting personal growth. 

End Of September Reflection

1. How would I rate my month out of ten?

I would rate September 8/10. 

2. What went well for me this month?

To begin with, I talked to most of my friends after about seven months of silence. I didn’t speak to most of them from February till this month, but I am very happy I finally did. Also, I submitted my application to ALA. I made it to the early decision deadline and I submitted five days before the deadline. I also published my book of poetry on Amazon. It has always been my goal and dream to help people discover their interests. I think that was part of the reasons I wanted to study psychology. My book is on Amazon and it makes me so happy to read the reviews on my website. Finally, I started my application to Minerva University. This is probably the best thing that happened to me this month. Discovering and applying to Minerva means so much to me. Hopefully, I might get in. Fingers crossed! 

3. What didn’t go so well this month? 

I usually make a list of things to do every month. This month, I barely ticked off anything on this list. I have been trying to convince myself that I have been too busy to do anything about it. Also, I tried to bond more with my sisters but I don’t know if that went well. Finally, my book isn’t doing so well on Amazon. I know I shouldn’t be sad about it, but I am. I was really hopeful about receiving at least 5 reviews before October, but I haven’t gotten any yet. Yes, it hurts.

4. Did I achieve my goals from last month? 

Yes! Most of them actually. I published my book. I talked to my classmates and friends. I started my applications and finished one. And I have been consistent on my blogs. So, yeah, I achieved my goals from last month. 

5. Did anything get in the way of me achieving my best this month?

To be honest, a lot of things. I’ll start with my college applications, which I have dedicated most of my time trying to finish before the deadlines. I have also been very lazy and unorganized lately. It’s so difficult for me to work, manage my blogs and stay in contact with my friends. 

6. What could I have done differently to help me achieve my goals?

Waking up before 8 am every day, writing a to-do list each day, eating well, and managing my time wisely. If I didn’t procrastinate so much about everything, I might have almost finished my application to Minerva.  I’m trying so hard to not be lethargic and finish all of my projects too.

7. How could I have spent my time better?

Reading, writing on my blog, working out, and joining the volunteering group(sanitation) that cleans the entire estate. Instead, I spent my time watching movies and sleeping. 

8. What are three things I am grateful for this month?

Publishing my book, discovering a school that perfectly aligns with my goals and objectives, and watching my sister start high school. 

9. What lessons did I learn this month?

  • My self worth does not depend on what people think about me. 
  • Don’t ever procrastinate. 
  • Don’t compromise for anybody. 
  • Show love to everyone in need. 
  • When you are passionate about something, focus on it. 
  • It’s ok for my dreams and passion to change. 
  • People love me more than I think they do. 
  • I am not alone in this world. 
  • Sharing my problems actually makes me feel better. 
  • If I can’t help someone out of a bad situation, don’t add to their problems. 
  • Don’t pretend to know when you don’t. 
  • Social media does not forget. 
  • Don’t live a carefree life if you have huge plans for yourself. 
  • No condition is permanent.
  • Never be too busy for yourself
  • Support people you care about. 
  • Always check up on your friends
  • Never stop taking risks
  • It’s ok to struggle and fail. 
  • Appreciate everything you have. 

10. What skills did I improve this month?

Tolerance, problem-solving and communication skills. 

11. What habits did I try to develop or continue working on?

  • Drinking warm water in the morning like my mum does. It seems to make her look younger and I am in for that. 
  • Learning something new everyday. I watched Unjaded Jade’s video where she talked about the importance of learning something new every day. I hope to keep up with this. 
  • Smiling often to people. I noticed that I have a very unhappy face when I am walking and I want to fix that. 
  • Eating more than three times a day. I am constantly losing weight and my iron deficiency symptoms are returning. I have to work on this. 

12. What habits do I need to work on next month?

  • I plan to exercise daily. 
  • Reading at least 2 books every week. 

13. Did I make any mistakes last month?

Yes. I should have saved money to take the SAT. I didn’t. I wish I did.

14. Are there any events I should be preparing for?

Yes. I have a online meeting with Minerva’s admission committee. It’s kind of a general meeting for us to learn about the application process. October 4th is the date.  And my birthday!

15. Who do I want to spend time with next month?

Daniel. For some reason, I have completely ignored him and I feel bad about it. I am planning to reconcile with him and spend more time with him next month. 

16. What did I spend too little time on?

I spent too little time reading books this month. 

17. What did I do this month that I hadn’t planned to do? How did it work out?

I didn’t plan to apply to Minerva University. My best friend encouraged me to apply. Initially, I didn’t want to apply because I just didn’t think there was any chance I would get accepted. But I have always been taking intellectual risks, so I made up my mind to do it anyways. What if I am accepted? What if I do get in? I may never know if I don’t take the chance!

18. What is my main focus for next month?

To complete my Minerva application, including the financial aid application. I also plan to focus on my second book. 

19. Who did I work well with?

Treasure and A.y

20. Did I support others and how?

Yes. I have been providing emotional support for my friends and everyone around me the best way I can. I also helped my best friend with one of her college project(that stays between me and you).

21. Who inspired me this past month?

My best friends in the world: Pearl, treasure, A.y and my dad. 

22. How often did I help others last month?

 I helped a lot of people last month. I personally think September was one of my best months this year. 

23. How do I feel about my relationships with those closest to me?

With my mum, there’s definitely a need to work more on our relationship. We seem to fluctuate constantly. Good today, bad tomorrow. With my siblings, I think they are just growing and feeling distant. I am trying to bond with them because I don’t want them to end up like me. With my friends, I am ok with our relationship. I think I am making an effort and that’s what matters. 

24. How would my colleagues and friends describe me this past month?

Funny. I mean, really funny. Kind, dedicated, inspiring, cheerful, crazy, weird, and creative. 

25. What is my happiest memory from the month?

The day I spent my entire day bantering and chatting with my friends. You should have seen my face all day. 

26. Has anything been making me feel stressed this past month?

With all due respect, I hate applying to University. Also, my counselor hasn’t signed my form which is like the only way I can submit my minerva application. I am really stressed about this.

27. Did I make time for fun?

I think Netflix should have the answer to this. Of course, I did. Too much fun actually. 

28. Am I getting enough sleep?

Definitely! If I could convert the hours I spend sleeping to money, I would probably be a millionaire. Haha.

29. What did I do just for myself this month?

Taking care of my hair. I have been using this DIY hack I found online for my hair and trust me, it is consuming the onions we have at home. 

30. What is my current morning routine and how does it make me feel?

Wake up.  Jump out of bed. Bath. Eat. Go to work. Repeat. 

31. What do I need to stop doing?

Procrastinating, listening to music for a long time and thinking too much about the future. 

32. Did I take good physical care of myself?

To an extent. I actually did my laundry often in September. I mean that. And that’s ironic because I barely had time for anything else. I also braided my hair, remembered to apply lotion on my ankles every time and got some new clothes. 

33. What is something I need to do to improve my emotional health?

Read more about living with BPD, and how to channel my emotions to doing something creative. Meditate often and learn to talk about my feelings, instead of swallowing them and dying internally. 

34. Do I have any fears?

I am so scared I would not get into Minerva. Sometimes, I stay up for hours at night thinking about it. I chose the binding enrollment option so I won’t die of a heart attack before I see my admission decision. 

35. Was September great?

Overall, September was a really good month. I wish October will be better though. 


Phewwww! Self reflection isn’t an easy task. It’s fun to think about everything you’ve done for a month but it is also stressful. You can get used to it if you start and maintain consistency. 

By reflecting on your life each month, you will be able to identify the areas you need to work on and how to improve as well. You’ll be able to judge your actions, lifestyle, and activities. This will give room for self improvement and to support any adjustments you plan to make in your life. 

Self reflection helps you to move from experiencing to understanding. As you take a step everyday, you will be able to learn from every mistake you make. It is the key to self awareness and discovery. If you want to discover your weaknesses and strengths, you need to self reflect often. 

By reflecting on my activities throughout September, I have been able to learn, and appreciate my life. It helps me to gain perspective of what really matters and how to focus on them. By analyzing my goals and objectives, I am able to tell which one I need to work on and if I am satisfied with the outcome of my accomplishments. Self reflection is important for emotional intelligence. 

I am looking forward to learning about how you began self reflection after reading my post. Take your time, don’t rush it and don’t give up if you can not remember anything you did in the previous months. It is always challenging for beginners. You can also talk to me if you need any help. I’ll always be here if you need me. But for now, enjoy these quotes that would encourage you to start self-reflection. 


Pay attention to your patterns. The way you learned to survive may not be the way you want to live. Heal and shift. 
Time spent in self-reflection is never wasted. It is an intimate date with yourself. 
Self reflection is a humbling process. It is essential to find out why you think, say and do certain things. Then better yourself. 
We do not learn from experience. We learn from reflecting on experience. 
What we perceive about ourselves is greatly a reflection of how we will end up living our lives. 

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  1. Love this post Anita! Even though the stats on Amazon aren’t great, getting your poetry on it is a huge achievement!! I love the lesson that you should show love to those in need – thanks for wriring!

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