How I Overcame My Inferiority Complex

When I got to high school, my inferiority complex got the best of me. I was in a gifted school. A highly selective school for gifted and talented students in Nigeria. Yet, I sucked at maths. It seemed like I didn't fit in or I wasn't good enough to be there. And again, my mom shaved my hair in 7th grade. To make matters worse, I was bullied and body shamed by my classmates. I didn't feel pretty, smart, or worthy. I felt like I was intellectually, physically, and socially inferior to my friends.  Once I had successfully accepted myself, I discovered how lucky I was. I became inspired by my own story. I realized how hard I have worked to be a better person and I decided to dedicate my time to helping other people. I wished to enable them to soar above their constant self-disapproval. And as I publish this post today, I hope that it will help someone out there.  There's nothing wrong with you. You need to understand that everyone in this world is inferior in one way or the other. You are beautiful, special, and wonderful. You need to appreciate the things you have. You need to identify your strengths and focus on developing them. Your weaknesses and strengths make you unique. There would be no you without them. Trying to change or presenting a false side of yourself to people will not help you become better. It would crush your mind instead.  Finally, I want you to know this. NOBODY IS SUPERIOR. NOBODY IS INFERIOR. BUT NOBODY IS EQUAL EITHER. PEOPLE ARE SIMPLY UNIQUE, AND INCOMPARABLE. YOU ARE YOU. I AM I.  

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The Case Of Jeffrey Dahmer(Racism, Homophobia, BPD, Comparison To George Stinney And Netflix’s Horrible Decision)

Consider this. Several people have contributed positively to this world. People whose lives changed thousands of others and dedicated their time to helping and improving those around them. Why hasn't a series been dedicated to them? Why has Netflix failed(again and again) to retell the stories of these people?  Take for instance Maurice Ralph who developed over 36 vaccines including measles, mumps, hepatitis, and meningitis. Of course, Netflix would not recognize the contribution of this man then and how he changed the world forever. Have they considered the thousands of people who would have died if these vaccines were not developed? No!  Instead, they have continued to create and re-create movies about monsters who neither contributed positively to this world nor helped people around them.