Failure Is Not The End

Is Not The End
Failure is a lesson
An experience to remember
You only lose when you give up.

Every step in life is a lesson
A wise man takes heed
And learns from every wrong step.

Failure is not an excuse
To give up on your dreams
It is a reminder that it can happen.

Failure is not the end
It is the beginning
Of new adventures and mysteries.


5 thoughts on “Failure Is Not The End

  1. Ahh this is something that I constantly try to remind myself about the learning element – thank you so much for writing this! ☺️ I might write a post about failure now, of course I’ll give you credit! 😆

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    1. Learning is failing, again and again until you succeed. I particularly had difficulty dealing with failure but from experience, I learned better.

      Thank you for commenting and visiting💖. I will be happy to read your post when you publish 💖💖💖

      Liked by 1 person

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