It’s My Birthday Today!

Hello Everyone,

It’s my birthday today! 365 days have passed since the last time I celebrated my last birthday. It still feels like yesterday and I cannot describe how fast time flies. 

Within the last 365 days, I have cried, laughed, danced, rejoiced, mourned, and learned crucial life lessons. But most importantly, I have become a better person and I have taken a step towards my life goals. This is an appreciation post for the life I have lived for the past 1 year. 

Last year, I celebrated my birthday flamboyantly and I am still grateful for that. This year, I do not have any plans but to sit in a corner and type out 8k words for my client. But I am still grateful for that. 

In December 2021, I received my first acceptance letter to Pearson College. I was certain of course that I would go to this school in Canada, but in March, everything changed. I suffered some personal issues that stopped me from going. But I am still grateful because I believe God has a better plan for me. I would have not discovered Minerva and other wonderful opportunities. And that is why I keep praying that God fulfills my heart desires. 

In January 2022, I wrote an entrance exam to a university in my country. And I had a great score of 313 out of 400. I am so grateful for that. I was so shocked because I did not prepare ahead for this exam. If my plan A fails, I would be resuming to this school in December. 

In February 2022, I monetized my book review blog. But it wasn’t as successful as I imagined. I am still grateful for that. I believe that there is still time to grow and monetize my website. Also, someone I trusted hurt me so much. As someone who has bpd, I pour my soul into every relationship and I dread losing every person that comes into my life. But I am still grateful for finding myself and withdrawing from such a toxic and meaningless relationship. For the entire period I knew that person, I lost myself. I was distracted and I changed completely to fit into his life. I am happy that I am free, and soaring above the clouds. 

In March 2022, I suffered from depression, extreme emotional instability, self-hate and family conflicts. I am still grateful for that. It inspired me to pour my heart out on a paper and write to those who are going through the same situation. 

From April-August 2022, I was completely in a dark place. My life was turning upside down and I was struggling to deal with my problems and mental health. I am still grateful. I have become a stronger person, capable of healing myself over and over again. 

In September 2022, I found peace and comfort. I was able to push away negativity from my life. I embraced a new path, and focused on my personal development and growth. My book was published and I am extremely grateful for that. 

Last month, I began my job as a ghost writer and all I can say is that God has a special plan for me. I cannot wait to see what else he has planned for me. 

Today, I woke up to several texts from my friends and my family sang a special birthday song for me. I am grateful for that. I may not have a birthday cake or throw a party but I am happy to celebrate with the people around me. With my family, with my friends, with you!

So, here is a quick prayer for myself. 

 Live long, always believe, be in relief;

God grace be on me;

I live in happy company celebrating life;

happy birthday to me.

Nothing matters as matters of yours;

it is faith in you and belief in God

that moves everything and every thought

happy birthday to me.

Be like water;

be the character like it;

be your own self;

that is what I say on my every birthday.

Forever be young, may the old bad vanish;

may everything good return;

as my birthday every year;

happy birthday to me.

Nothing remains forever;

everything goes;

what you have now, celebrate this you know;

that is what counts;

wishing happy birthday to myself.

You be wise;

you be light;

whatever you be, you always be you wise;

wishing happy birthday to myself.

Never say never for what you want;

it is always there if you think right a lot;

may you get what you think and thought;

wishing happy birthday to myself.

Don’t weep and don’t cry for others;

those who are for you never leave;

so what you have; be good;

and celebrate your birthday with no regrets;

happy birthday to myself.

May you love truly; may you get true;

with time you get everything;

what gone, don’t be sad for few;

what come, always have patience;

God always give best to me,

everything other rest;

happy birthday to me and my higher self.

Thank you to all and everyone;

to my parents and God and friends;

may on my every birthday we get together like this;

laughing and hugging and merrying;

happy birthday to me always and forever.

Happy Birthday To Me And Happy All Saints Day!


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