My biggest motivation is the hope that my words and what I write will someday make an impact on the world. I want to heal the world by healing myself and sharing my experience with everyone.

My blog is a personal and safe space to discuss issues related to life, personal growth, and mental health. I have a published book titled “Let your mind speak” and I advise you to read it if you are struggling with self discovery and expression. I have read books that changed my life forever and I want to offer the same opportunity to you.

I am a young girl on a journey. I do not know where I am going or where this journey may lead me but I am ready to explore. There is knowledge all around us, waiting for us to learn and I want to learn. Everything around us has a story and I want to know and share that story with you.

Join me here and let’s talk about changing the world one step at a time. Your voice is not too little to be heard. Your words are powerful, your mind is even more powerful. Embrace yourself and start a journey of restoration. Share your story and motivate others. Be a healer!

Welcome to my blog Anna’s Styles. This is a space space to explore, grow and improve. I hope you visit often, contribute and share the posts you like.

Full Name: Ezema Anita Adanna Chinyere Annabel

Hobbies: Board Games, Writing, Reading And Brainstorming

Dream Schools: Minerva University And Vassar College

Skills: SEO Writing, Ghost Writing, Listening And Problem Solving Skills, Web And Graphics Design

Social Media: Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn And Tiktok