How To Save

My Journey to save began the moment I broke my piggy bank and took out my last 200 naira note. I can't honestly decide if that was the beginning or the end. So much for trying to save for two minutes. Pro tip, if you intend to save, you must also ditch those jam donuts.… Continue reading How To Save


My October Reading List

Hi Pals, I guess it's a bit late to share my October reading list. But I'll do it anyway. So here we go Blanche On The Lam By Barbara Neely The first on my list is Blanche on the lam. The author is Barbara Neely. This is the first book out of the four book… Continue reading My October Reading List


The Cycle Of Dead Writers (Bloggers)

The suffocating pain was travelling up to his chest. Today was a lot more harder than yesterday. He didn't even possess the strength to fight it. It's been weeks without a fire. Without a spark to keep him going. Sometimes, it was the fear. The fear to suddenly become invisible that prompted him to write.… Continue reading The Cycle Of Dead Writers (Bloggers)


Renewed Plans

Hello My Dear Readers, You may have noticed my unusual absence and discontinuation of my blog posts. Thanks to those who wrote to me. I really appreciate your earnest care and love. The unusual break was due to my academic pursuit. Thank Goodness graduation has finally taken place. What I missed. I missed writing and… Continue reading Renewed Plans

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Happy Graduation

Today is a milestone. It tells me how far I have come. I became a student of the gifted program 6 years ago. A program designed for gifted and talented students. And today, I'm graduating as a gifted individual. An individual with potentials and great knowledge. I am thankful to God for being successful. My… Continue reading Happy Graduation

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A Birthday

Dedicated To Ayo. Happy Birthday From the core and heart of WordPress Streams creativity and passion From the heart and depth of her mind Trickles ideas and imaginations From the genuine thoughts of a writer Surges great wisdom As you celebrate a year + to your life Prosperity and happiness to your life Joy and… Continue reading A Birthday


Gravity….An Illusion Or A Force?

Gravity....An illusion or a force? There is gravity in wisdom but no particular wisdom in gravity. Take it of leave it. The fact that we live at the bottom of a deep gravity well, on the surface of a gas covered planet going around a nuclear fireball 90 million miles away and we think this is normal is obviously some indication of how skewed our perspective tends to be.


The Fallacy Of Makeup

The Fallacy Of Makeup. Where Is All My Money? It's in my bank account. Where's yours? It's on your face. Shame on you. To All The Girls That Wear Extreme Make Up. Stay away from me. No seriously, take it easy, it's called "your face" "a face", not a colouring book. I just feel like life would be a lot better if some of you knew how to blend your eyeshadows

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Last Days At Fedacad High School. Episode 2

Last Days At Fedacad High School. Yeah, to all the doubting Thomas', can you see that? We were making lunch. And we weren't caught this time. You needed to see how delicious that turned out although anything would have been tasty to me at that moment. Even half- done beans or snail.

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Colorized Discrimination

“WE MUST UNDERSTAND THAT COLOUR IS NOT A DISTINGUISHING FACTOR, BUT A UNIQUE QUALITY” AT A TIME LIKE THIS, the safety of one man lies in the authentic words of another. But when these words begin to destroy rather than save, and kill the soul as opposed to healing it, our safety could only become a… Continue reading Colorized Discrimination


True Love

I remember this one time that I wasn't planning to ditch school, I was just late but Faith had already told my professor that I broke my ribs. I was a long day of lies but eventually Mr C.J believed that my ribs healed over night. Isn't God A miracle worker?           I think mayorkun should be inlove with me by now, noone's got his back like me.                                                  


Disconnect The Connection

Do not be unevenly yoked with unbelievers.... What connection do you share with an unbeliever? Build relationships with people who believe in your worth, in your potential and your dreams. Do not be yoked with friends who can't invest in you and your dreams rather move along with people who believe in you and would… Continue reading Disconnect The Connection


Interview With Laleh Chini

I am very happy to share this interview with you. I should have posted this earlier but I was so busy with all the school work. This interview was beautiful and lovely and if I wouldn't mind if I could do it over and over again. So, sit back and enjoy the great read: Would… Continue reading Interview With Laleh Chini


A Collaboration With DiosRaw On The Sirens Of Material Desires

I would love to introduce someone new to my blog today. A special someone. Often times, we call him DiosRaw because his blog is named that but I love to call him Amber. He is genuinely a very nice person and I encourage you all to visit his blog and follow him up for interesting… Continue reading A Collaboration With DiosRaw On The Sirens Of Material Desires

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Happy Anniversary To Anna’s Styles: My One Year With WordPress.

It doesn’t seem that long ago that I read a book that motivated me to become a blogger, came back from school and wrote my first blog post. I had so many ideas swirling around in my head–I couldn’t wait to start blogging! Right now, I'm in 12th grade and it’s the first anniversary of my… Continue reading Happy Anniversary To Anna’s Styles: My One Year With WordPress.