I Want To Do Something

I’ve been reading blogs and I realized that most of them actually come up with this sort of interview or I don’t know what to call it and its so oppressing to realize that I haven’t done that or made Plans for that (I feel like a miserable blogger sometimes and especially right now!!).

So the point is that I wanna do mine and I don’t really know much of the questions to ask. Maybe coz its an interview and I’m just supposed to answer the questions you all would throw at me. I think its going to be pretty hard for me to compile a list of questions and answers about myself for everyone to read and that’s where you come in.

I need you to ask as many questions as you can ask, lots and loads of questions and trust me, I will definitely try to fill in the details about myself to everyone.

You wanna know about me, my hobbies, my dark secrets (hahaha),my greatest fears and lots of other cool info….then you ought to leave a question to be answered. Thank you

Tittle: An Interview With Anna

Date: 3rd April,2021

What you Need To Do: Ask Me Lots And Lots Of Questions. I don’t want my interview to be boring.

What You Shouldn’t Do: You Shouldn’t Ask Private And Embarrassing Questions. You Shouldn’t Send In Your Questions After The Interview, Its 3rd Of April, You’ve Got 2 Days To Think About Lots Of Questions.

How To Ask A Question: Leave It In The Comment Box. Thank You

My Expectations: I Expect Everyone, All My Friends, Followers And Everyone Reading This Post To Leave A Question Or Questions For The Interview. Don’t You Wanna Get To Know Me?

Any Issues: I’m Gonna Have Issues With You If You Don’t Comply With My Rules.

I hope its gonna be fun and interesting. You could help me out by leaving lots of questions down. Thank you!


100 thoughts on “I Want To Do Something

  1. What are your biggest insecurities (if you don’t mind sharing), and have you overcame them? :)) A less sensitive question would be: what is your favorite food, or where is one interesting place you’ve traveled to?

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  2. Alright, Anna, here we go. What inspires and moves you? What is your personal vision? How does blogging help you achieve your personal vision? What are you most excited about this year? What do you look forward to each day? What is the thing you love most about blogging? What is the thing you love the most about life? Okay, that’s good for now. I look forward to reading your interview! Light and love to you, my friend. ❤❤

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    1. Wooah!!!!
      Thats a lot of questions Jeff😂😂….I bet I could stay up all night to think about answers to these questions but don’t worry Jeff. Your answers will be ready in no time….
      How have you been anyway?

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  3. What’s one thing you’ve always wished for/wanted?. If you could be one thing in the world(except an Easter bunny), what would you be?, what is your biggest regret?, what is your greatest challenge and how do you plan on dealing with it?, I’m sure starting a blog wasn’t easy, how did you manage to reach this level?. That’s all thank you.

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    1. Woah! This questions are pretty tough and I’m really sorry to say that the time has elapsed for the submission of questions for the interview. I would definitely give you an answer but in the comment section. I hope you don’t mind, I’m really sorry❤🥺

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    1. Thats a good question😂
      It would be….BB Naija( Big Brother Naija)🥴🥴
      I would love to be on that reality show because its fun, awesome and creative.
      Imagine living in a mysterious cool house with a bunch of people you don’t know and would get to know.
      Talk about the free food….its delicious
      And you get to win money at the end of the show with a lot of followers on your social media.
      Yes! It would be BBN

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      1. That is a terrific answer! I wish I could help you get a role on the show😊
        Thank you for sharing.

        I’ve always thought that I would like to be on Amazing Race. I am terrified to fly, but love to travel (unfortunate combo) But being on the show would force me to confront my fears, and because the “race” part, I’d have no time for anxiety😊

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      2. Awwww🥺🥺
        Thats a bold step and I really love your confidence😍
        Its so bad I hate traveling coz I usually get so Ill and cranky😂😂
        But I’m sure it would be fun for you..

        Hopefully, we would both get on our dream reality shows. Thanks for commenting darling❤

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  4. Funny and interesting.
    I am always ready to support other bloggers.
    Because I’m also a new blogger and I need to communicate efficiently with the community here.
    Nice post and keep up the good work 🤝🏼

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  5. Hi dear, My name is Laleh Chini. Author of Canada Book Award winner books “Climbing Over Grit” and “Soroosh”. If you are interested I would like to be interviewed by your blog. Let me know, thanks.

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