How To Choose A Travel Blog Name: Best Blog Name Ideas And Names To Avoid

In this article I’m going to teach you how to choose a good travel blog name, give you the best blog name ideas and also (perhaps more importantly) tell you all of the names that you should avoid. You may be surprised to learn that some names simply aren’t good for SEO (Search Engine Optimization), so if you pick a bad travel blog name, you may actually harm your chances of growing an audience over time and featuring in Google Searches.

The name of your blog (also known as Domain Name) is the bit that goes between the “www.” and the “.com” of your website URL, but it’s so much more than that. The name will become your brand, your business, your income and your means for travel, so it’s one of the most important aspects of a travel blog and you must choose a blog name wisely.

People always seem to hit a speed bump when it’s time to choose a travel blog name!

You shouldn’t let picking a travel blog name stop you from buying your domain and getting started with travel blogging. The sooner you start a travel blog, the quicker it will begin to grow and potentially earn a blogging income.

Google awards blogs simply for being around for a long time, so if you do want to start your own blog, don’t delay. If you can’t think of a travel blog name, even after reading this post, that’s okay. You can start a blog now and pick a name later as well.

If you want to break the logjam of finding a good travel blog name, walk through each of the following steps.

I know you’ll be tempted to skim or skip some steps, but please don’t do that! I’ve put a ton of thought and effort into this article, and have helped 100+ bloggers pick names, so every step is intentional and important to the process. Whatever you do, please don’t skip.

#1 Decide What Your Blog Will Be About. It Will Affect the Blog Name

You need to understand what you will be writing about on the blog, this will help narrow down the number of ideas when choosing your travel blog name. If you have difficulty finding a thematic niche, write down your possible blog topics on paper. Then brainstorm, during which you will come up with the main topics.

Do you want to write about travel adventures? About food and cuisines of different countries? About family travel? About traveling in Europe or Asia? Choose a topic based on your hobbies and what you like to write about. A thematic niche you really enjoy will help you stand out among other travel blogs.

I decided to focus on outdoor activities when traveling (mainly because this is what interests us both). Choosing a thematic niche will greatly help you choose your travel blog name.

Once you have decided what you will write about on your travel blog, proceed with choosing a creative blog name.

I made some recommendations on what to avoid when choosing a good travel blog name.

  1. Things To Avoid When Choosing A Travel Blog Name
  • Do Not Limit Yourself By A Travel Blog Name

Let’s be realistic. When you are twenty years old, a blog name like Crazy Traveler can be funny and creative, but think about how it will look like when you are thirty and you want to work with serious brands? The same goes for blog names with attached relationship statuses – “Travel Alone” blog name can be catchy, but what if you meet someone along the way? Circumstances and people change, so it’s better to come up with a blog name that will grow with you and your travel style.

  • Bad Blog Name

An example of a bad blog name is from Drew Binsky, founder of The Hungry Partier. After the author successfully developed his brand, he realized that because of the blog name (he associated himself with noisy parties around the world), many large brands refused to work with him. So, Drew had to make a difficult decision – to abandon his travel website, turn it into a community blog and create a new one from the very beginning. The main conclusion from such a situation is you should choose a blog name that will not limit you in anything.

Even if you are interested in budget trips, by including these words in your travel blog name, you limit yourself from the possibility of staying in expensive hotels or working with large, high-class travel companies. Of course, you can write on your blog about budget travel and how to save money, just avoid getting into this niche forever. Understanding of how you want to position yourself and your brand is the key to choosing a perfect travel blog name.

  • Avoid Popular Travel Blog Names

There are already too many blogs with the words trip, tourist, etc. in blog names. Despite the fact that these words immediately make it clear that the author is a travel blogger, such names will affect SEO (search engine optimization) in the future.

The blogs of well-known authors as Nomadic MattAdventurous Kate exist for a very long time and these blogs are well known. When choosing a travel blog name with similar keywords, you directly position yourself as a competitor to these famous blogs. And this is obviously a losing way for the recently created blog.

For example, let’s choose “NomadicDen” blog name. If someone wants to find our blog but doesn’t remember the name, he will enter in Google: Nomadic blog + travel, and it is guaranteed that in the first 5 results there will be only major blogs such as Nomadic Matt, Nomadic Samuel, and others. These are unbeatable competitors for the new blog.

When choosing a name for your blog, highlight yourself by avoiding clichés and popular travel blog names.

  • Try To Avoid These Words
  1. Global
  2. Traveling
  3. World
  4. Wandering
  5. Wanderer
  6. Adventurous
  7. Backpacking
  8. Budget
  9. Vagabond
  10. Nomadic
  11. Nomad
  12. Backpacker

  • Avoid blog names with punctuation marks, numbers, or spelling errors

Once I watched a marketing webinar that said that when choosing your brand name or blog name you should pass the mother’s test. This means that you should call your mom and say:

Hi Mom, I’m starting a blog and it’s called

If she asks: “What? What is it called? Repeat again, I’ll take paper to write it down, etc. ”- you should know, this is a bad brand or travel blog name.

The readers will find you through the online search, but also many new subscribers will come to your blog from people you meet while traveling. A good catchy travel blog name that doesn’t have difficult words will increase their chances of finding you quickly.

  • Avoid names that are not available on all social media platforms

Since you are creating an entire brand (not just a blog), you should also consider names on social networks. After you have come up with your travel blog name, it is extremely important to check whether this name is available on all social networking platforms.

Perhaps you can get upset if someone else will have your blog name on social networks.

One more travel blog name suggestion – do not choose a too long name for social networks. The name on Twitter can be no longer than 14 characters, and we recommend using such names for all social networks.

You can use websites like to find out if an account with your travel blog name is available on social networks.
Here is a list of social networks on which you need to register accounts for your blog:

  • Facebook (business profile)
  • Youtube / Vimeo
  • Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Linkedin

Already have ideas for a travel blog name? Check if the travel blog names are available.

#2 Define a Perfect Travel Blog Name with Good SEO According to the Theme of the Blog

Once you have chosen your blog niche, it’s time to start making a list of blog names from which you will later choose the best one.

Remember that good and creative blog names should be descriptive, catchy and SEO-based, if possible. I strongly recommend choosing only .com and .blog blogs. Although the ideal travel blog name may be available in .net or other areas, .com websites are the most powerful and recognizable among the domains.

If you plan to make a blog in English, try to come up with a blog name in * .com – it’s hard, but possible. Such domains are still the best for both SEO and recognition. If you can’t find a suitable domain name, register a domain in the * .blog or * .co zone.

  • Choose the easiest to remember word combination

The name of our blog consists of 3 words. Try to limit your name to no more than three words.

  • Make your address concise

Half of the people using your domain address will use a mobile device to get to your blog.
It means that you need to think about all the AutoCorrect victims, so make your domain (blog address) as memorable and concise as possible.

An example of a simple, mobile-friendly domain name is Google and Bing. They are short, simple, and everyone knows how to write them down.

So, when you select a domain name, first try entering it on your mobile phone. How easy is typing?

  • Find descriptive names

One of the most difficult things is to make people recognize what you write about at first sight. If the name of your blog fully reflects what you are writing about – this is excellent! Here are some great ideas of blog names that are clear enough to understand what the blog is about.

  • Twinsonbikes
  • Asialuxuryaparts
  • Anna’s styles

These blogs immediately tell you what they are about and what you can expect when visiting them. Since there are already a million blogs, it’s important that your audience knows what to expect from you from the very beginning.

  • Choose a Travel Blog Name with Good SEO

All you need to know at the very beginning about SEO (search engine optimization) is that Google uses it to determine whether to place your content on the first page of Google searches according to profile inquiries.
For example, if you already know that you want to start a blog about food on travel, make sure that the word food is in the title of your blog, which is good for SEO.

Including into the travel blog name the keywords, for which you want to get a rating, you seem to say:

Hi Google, I’m blogging about traveling to the Philippines. My blog is about outdoor activities in the Philippines, so when I write an article titled “10 Best Trekking Routes in the Philippines,” I know what I’m talking about.

If you create a blog for a specific place or country, then having them in your travel blog name will help the blog to rank for this search query. Here are some great examples of blog titles that have good SEO and are keyword-optimized.

  • Whygofrance
  • Notesfromitaly

By the keywords that are included in the blog name (domain name), readers already get an idea of what the author writes on the blog. It provides the minimum increase in the effectiveness of your SEO.

For a better understanding of the importance of keywords in a domain, I give an example of how often relevant keywords appear in the results of top search pages on various topics.

  • Reflect your brand in your travel blog name

If you plan to create a personal brand, a good way to do this is to add your name to the blog title. The authors of some of the largest blogs have done so: Nomadic Matt and many others.

However, if in the future you decide to sell your blog, your name in the title will make this process much more difficult. And if you decide to expand your team and hire the authors, it will also be more difficult.

Think about the topics for your blog, the type of posts you want to make, and find the right name for you! Here are the examples of interesting travel blog names that reflect the brand of their authors:

  • Your real name

✔️ Full name

Example: Lee Abbamonte

Pros: no one can take your name from you. This gives you professional authority, especially if you do creative work in addition to your blog.

Cons: you can get tired of the travel blog or you don’t want to represent yourself primarily as a travel blogger.

In any case, if the blog belongs to you, it is fully editable and you can always delete what you think is unnecessary

✔️ Variations with the name

Example: Hecktic Travels

Pros: this is a great balance between representing your name without revealing your entire identity.

Cons: if you have a goal to ultimately sell your blog or write content not only from yourself, there will be a discrepancy.

  • Test for your blog

Finally, imagine how you come to a luxury hotel in an exotic place of your dreams. Smile and say with confidence:

Hi, I am [name] from [blog name]

How do you feel about it? Do you think this phrase has others for you? Feeling pride or awkward?

When the name is correct, you will feel great.

#3 Register a Domain Name

Now that you have decided on the name for your personal blog, it’s time to register it so that no one else takes it. I recommend wordpress, bloggers or (bluehost) because this company provides a free domain name for the first year. Otherwise, you will have to buy the domain name separately from another provider.

If you want to make money in the future and receive income from your blog, you MUST buy a hosting service.

  • Discount on Hosting

Buying a hosting on a good link will save you more than 66% of the total cost! It means that for only $95.4 you can maintain your blog for 3 years. If you have a limited budget, you can start your blog at only $59,4 per year, which is also a very good price for 1 year of hosting.

#4 Set Up Your Blog

Once you have registered and set up your domain and hosting, it’s time to start setting up your blog, creating the first few posts and giving it a general look.

After I started my blog, I had quite a lot of questions – do I need a logo, which corporate colors to choose and which images will organically look on the blog. If you need help setting up your blog, you can leave a comment

Although it may seem difficult to come up with a travel blog name, I suggest you enjoy this process. Remember that although it’s better to come up with the names containing keywords, it does not mean at all that you cannot use your name. Moreover, in the future, the blog with your personal name will be easier to turn into a major brand. It is worth being unique to stand out among the others

Travel Blog Name Ideas + 50 Examples

If you have difficulty deciding which name to choose for your personal blog, I have prepared a list of names of popular travel blogs, which you can use as an example. It doesn’t matter if you are looking for a travel blog name, or a fashion blog name, a woman’s or a man’s blog name, a food blog name, beauty or a children’s blog name – inspiration can come from any from the list below:

  • Adventurous 
  • Dan flying solo
  • Adventure in you
  • Goats on the Road
  • Expert Vegabond
  • I Am Aileen
  • Jessie on a Journey
  • A Little Adrift
  • Keep Calm and Travel
  • Nerd Nomads
  • Ordinary Traveler
  • Pause the Moment
  • Solo Traveler World
  • Nomadic Matt
  • Travel Fashion Girl
  • Local Adventurer
  • The Planet D
  • Salt in Our Hair
  • Travel Mamas
  • Travel with Bender
  • Never Ending Footsteps
  • Traveller Soul
  • Hippie in Heels
  • Y Travel Blog
  • Hand Luggage Only
  • The Blonde Abroad
  • Hand Luggage Only
  • The Savvy Backpacker
  • Everything Everywhere
  • Bucket List Journey
  • Goats On The Road
  • To Europe And Beyond
  • Mapping Megan
  • A Luxury Travel Blog
  • Cheapest Destinations Blog
  • Just One Way Ticket
  • Happy Hotelier
  • Have Baby Will Travel
  • Traveling Mamas
  • Globetrotter Girls
  • Pause the Moment
  • World Travel Family
  • No Vacation Required
  • Alex in Wanderland
  • Hey Nadine
  • Wandering Earl
  • Migrationology
  • The Cranky Flier
  • HoneyTrek
  • TravelBlogStories
  • Anna’s Styles (of course I’m gonna toot my own name!)

How to Choose a Blog Name: Summarizing

The domain name is your “home address”. It helps people understand what your blog is about.

10 Tips on how to come up with a travel blog name

1.Define the focus and the theme of your travel blog

2.Decide what exactly you want to write about on your blog

3.Do not limit yourself by the blog name

4.Avoid Popular Travel Blog Names

5.Avoid blog names with punctuation,numbers,or misspellings

6.Avoid blog names that aren’t available on all major social media platforms

7.Define a perfect travel blog name with good SEO, which will describe the theme of the blog

8.Register the domain name of the blog

9.Setup your blog

10.Leave a comment

How do I become a travel blogger?

The first thing you should do is to come up with the theme niche and your travel blog name. The best thing you can do to make your blog successful - is to create great content. Learn what SEO is and it’s techniques. Keep in touch with other travel bloggers and become a part of the travel blogging community. Invest in your product, it’s important. Write guest posts to attract new subscribers.

What is a wanderlust person?

Wanderlust person has a very strong desire to travel. For example, a wanderlust is someone who immediately starts planning his next journey after returning home from a very long trip. He feels sad if he doesn’t know what, where and when his next journey is.

How much does it cost to start a blog?

It doesn’t matter what type of blog you decide to start, you can get started with a professional blog, paying just for a domain name and web hosting - from only $2.65 a month during the first year!

How often should I blog?

To make your blog successful you should post once a week. But remember that at the same time you should create valuable and useful content. Your blog should be beneficial for readers, while some authors prefer to post every day just for the sake of it.

I hope that in this article you got tips on how to choose the original title/name for your travel blog. The name is one of the most significant parts of your blog, so take your time but don’t delay your choice!

As soon as you find a perfect blog name – it is better to buy it right away. Remember, you don’t need a perfect name to start your blog. Google better rates blogs with older history, so the sooner you get started, the better it is. In addition, setting up and paying for the initial hosting is a great motivation to start working on your blog so as not to stop it the next day.

The decision to create a blog was the first step for me to find freedom and live the life I want to live.

The blog allowed me to travel more often, earn and save money.

It doesn’t matter why you start a travel blog: for creativity or in order to earn extra money and try to turn it into a business – I am pleased to see that you take your first steps.

If you want to start your own blog, you can do it for only $2.65 per month.

Now It’s Your Turn

Have you already started a blog? Share your ideas! I hope you enjoyed our guide on how to choose a perfect blog name.

You have read to the very end, and I would like to receive a few words from you as a feedback.

I hope my blog name guide was helpful to you.

I would be glad to hear your opinion:

What do you agree with / what do not?

Or maybe you want to share your blog name?

In any case, let me know by leaving a comment below.

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