Never Omit This Information For A BabySitter

By Annabel Anita Adanna

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Leaving your baby with a babysitter can make you very anxious and stressed. It is often hard to leave your baby with someone else. One question that often comes up for concerned mothers is what information to leave for a babysitter. Knowing that your sitter is prepared for any situation can make all the difference to your emotional state while you’re away from your baby. Here are the informations your sitter must be aware of:

First make sure you have screened your babysitter and checked her references.  Second the babysitter should be CPR and First Aid certified in case of an emergency, your baby gets sick or hurt.  Having a babysitter who is trained in CPR and First Aid will give you immense peace of mind.

Things That Are Helpful to Leave with the Babysitter


  • Names of all family members.
  • Home address.
  • Home telephone number and all cell phone numbers.
  • Contact information on other family or friends such as grandparents, etc.
  • Email or texting contact information if you can be contacted this way.

Medical Details

  • Pediatrician’s office and on call emergency number.
  • Allergies that your baby or other children may have including food allergies.
  • Medications required while you are out including ones for teething, colic, asthma, allergic reactions, etc i.e. whatever is appropriate for your child or children.
  • If your baby has severe food allergies or allergies that can be life threatening that require potential use of an epipen make sure you instruct babysitter on how to administer epipen or other emergency medications and keep all medications in a locked box or cabinet which the babysitter has access to the key.
  • First Aid kit location and review all supplies in kit with babysitter.

Where To Find

  • Spare key to home.
  • Location of light switches and lights in home.
  • Location of Fire extinguisher in home.
  • Extra blankets.
  • Flash lights in case there is a power outage.

When you should be contacted:

  • If your baby or child develops an illness such as a fever or vomiting.
  • If anyone is injured and more than a Band-Aid are needed.
  • If your baby or child is inconsolable and the babysitter is unsuccessful in calming and soothing the situation.
  • Anytime the babysitter feels the home situation is unsafe such as threatening intimidating or threatening phone calls, suspicious visitors, etc.
  • Questions about medication doses, information about your baby or child that is needed, etc.

Baby or Child’s schedule and Bedtime or Nap routine:

  • Baby or child’s favorite toys she sleeps with or uses for comfort.
  • Books to read to baby or child before sleep.
  • Location of extra clothes and pajamas.
  • If babysitter is to bathe baby or child all bath supplies and bath safety instructions.
  • Toys and activities to do with baby or child.

Emergency Contact Information

  • EMS telephone number.
  • Police Emergency telephone number.
  • Fire Emergency telephone number.
  • Ambulance telephone number.
  • Poison Control telephone number.
  • Pediatrician or Family Physician telephone emergency number.
  • Veterinarian emergency number if appropriate.
  • Nearest hospital telephone number.
  • Location of all fire extinguishers.
  • Map of Emergency exits so everyone is out of home if fire.

House Rules

  • Instructions about babysitter’s personal phone calls while watching baby or child.  It is recommended that babysitters do not use their cell phones for personal calls while caring for infants and children as this is distracting and leaves them unsupervised even if only briefly on phone.
  • Bedtimes.
  • Appliance that are not to be used such as electric heaters.
  • Television programs off limits.
  • Rooms off limits.
  • Foods not allowed.

Where you will be:

  • Locations of where you will be while you are out.
  • Phone numbers where you can be reached.
  • What time you expect to be home.
  • When you will call in to check on baby or child.
  • Let baby sitter know if you are available by texting or email on your phone.

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