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The Case Of Jeffrey Dahmer(Racism, Homophobia, BPD, Comparison To George Stinney And Netflix’s Horrible Decision)

Warning: Please Do Not Read If You Are Easily Triggered By Stories Concerning Murder, Cannibalism And Sexual Assault.

I believe most of you have watched the serial killer series on Netflix “Jeffrey Dahmer.” This series is the third re-telling of the story and life of this serial killer and cannibal. Today, I will be writing about the case of Jeffrey Dahmer. 

Before I continue, I would like to state that Netflix never contacted the families of the victims of Jeffrey before revisiting the story and retraumatizing them. They didn’t ask them if they could create yet another movie that would remind them of the death of their loved ones.

This series has raised a lot of controversies and criticism. And today, I will share my perspective on the story of Jeffrey Dahmer and the series itself. 

Note: I have not watched the series but I have watched a couple of interviews, and Tiktok edits (which are completely wrong) of the movie. I have also read about Jeffrey, researching and compiling facts about his life. 

Who Is Jeffrey Dahmer?

Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer is a serial killer and sex offender who killed about 17 men and boys between 1978 to 1991. He is also known as the Milwaukee cannibal or Milwaukee monster. From an early age, he manifested an interest in dead animals. He was also regarded as an outcast in high school and soon became an alcoholic at the age of 14. When he was about 16, Jeffrey discovered that he was gay but never came out to his parents. His first victim was Mack Hicks in 1978, three weeks after graduating from high school. 

Why Do I Hate The Series? 

I am not a watcher of true crime stories. To begin with, these movies or true crime stories happened. They are not false or manufactured. These serial killers killed numerous people but for some reason, Netflix keeps releasing movies about them, increasing their popularity and almost justifying their actions. The story of Jeffrey Dahmer has been recreated almost three times. Why? Haven’t we heard enough about it? What moral lesson can we learn from such stories? Did they consider the impact of these movies on the lives of the victim? The interest in true crime stories is truly awful. 

Imagine Rita Isbell, the sister to one of the victims, Errol Lindsey who was murdered by Jeffrey in 1991. Imagine her trying to work or carry out her day-to-day activities after the release of this series. Netflix did not care about the impact of this movie on Rita. Would she be comfortable walking on the streets? Would she struggle with mental health issues? Would she need therapy? They just did it! Why? For money!!

The show has upset several families, especially the families of the victims. I am upset too. Deeply upset. 

Consider this. Several people have contributed positively to this world. People whose lives changed thousands of others and dedicated their time to helping and improving those around them. Why hasn’t a series been dedicated to them? Why has Netflix failed(again and again) to retell the stories of these people? 

Take for instance Maurice Ralph who developed over 36 vaccines including measles, mumps, hepatitis, and meningitis. Of course, Netflix would not recognize the contribution of this man then and how he changed the world forever. Have they considered the thousands of people who would have died if these vaccines were not developed? No! 

Instead, they have continued to create and re-create movies about monsters who neither contributed positively to this world nor helped people around them. 

I know many people would not think about this but I have. Believe it or not but we still have serial killers amongst us. Your neighbor could be a killer, who knows?! What would happen when they watch these sorts of series celebrating and featuring the lives of other killers? If there’s one thing I know about serial killers, they love public attention. Most of them are not remorseful when caught. If you have watched Scream, a movie about young teenagers killing people to recreate a better serial killer movie, you would have an idea about this. There is a thrilling feeling they get when they kill people. That is possible in our world today. What if by watching these true crime movies, some nasty inhumane people receive the inspiration to outdo other killers? What would happen when people who have been nurturing horrible interests and thoughts about killing watch these movies? Would they be inspired or not? Would they not improve to avoid being caught? Before reading about Jeffrey Dahmer, I had no idea you could preserve bones by bleaching them. But I have now! I have successfully acquired that knowledge by reading about this gruesome story. What would happen if this information falls into the wrong hands? What if a killer extracts this piece of information? Well, I leave you to answer that question! 

Believe it or not, our interest in true crime stories is terrible. 

Jeffrey Dahmer Was Aided 

Jeffrey would have been caught earlier! The police did nothing but aid the death of some of his victims. Konerak was a 14-year-old boy who Jeffrey drugged, drilled a hole in his head, and was later killed. The young boy escaped from Jeffrey’s apartment when he went to buy beer and one of his neighbors called 911 when she saw Konerak. You wouldn’t believe what happened. The police believed Jeffrey over the two young women who reported that the young boy was in trouble. 

Excuse me, but Konerak had a hole drilled in his head, bleeding and unable to talk. So why was he led back to Jeffrey’s apartment when he could have been taken to a hospital and investigated? Jeffrey told them he was drunk, is 14 the legal age to drink? Why was his apartment not searched? If they did, they would have discovered Hughe’s body in the apartment. 

Jeffrey’s neighbors alerted the police several times. But they did not catch up with him because his victims were black and he was gay. They were simply racist and homophobic. I believe that Jeffrey decided to target black men because he knew that little attention would be paid to them at that time. And of course, he was right! 

Do you know that Jeffrey was arrested in 1989 for sexual assault on a 14-year-old boy who is Konerak’s brother? Prosecutors wanted Jeffrey to be locked away for six years but he was released with one year of work. During that period, he killed Tony Sears. 

Let’s talk about his arrest and sentencing to life imprisonment. Jeffrey’s defense attorney tried to justify his actions. He told the Jury that he was insane. I am not sure why such a person deserves a defendant but the law is the law. Freedom of speech should be granted even to the vilest persons. 

Jeffrey was sentenced to life imprisonment with psychiatric help. A man who murdered at least 17 people! Let’s talk about the case of George Stinney Jr who was a 14-year-old boy who was electrocuted to death. George was suspected to have killed two white girls and was sentenced to death within 10 minutes. 70 years later, he was found to be innocent. It took 10 minutes to convict a black 14-year-old boy for killing two white girls but more than a decade to convict a white man who killed over 12 black men. George was killed immediately but Jeffrey was offered a prison cell where he ate, watched T.v, and read books like every normal person. Tell me, how exactly is that justice? Some of you may think I am cruel and I know that to wish death upon another is as vile as taking life but I am simply pointing out that racism has infiltrated the judiciary. Even at a time like this, society overlooks certain details when it relates to black people.  

Jeffrey Was Diagnosed With Borderline Personality Disorder 

I know! You’re thinking now “Why does that matter?” As someone who has been diagnosed with BPD, it is important to address this issue. What is Borderline Personality Disorder? It is a mental health disorder that impacts the way you think and feels about yourself and others, causing problems functioning in everyday life. It includes self-image issues, difficulty managing emotions and behavior, and a pattern of unstable relationships. One of the major symptoms of BPD is an intense fear of abandonment, even going to extreme measures to avoid real or imagined separation or rejection. 

You see, during Jeffrey’s early days, he was constantly ignored by his parents. His mother and father paid little attention to him and this caused him to develop a fear of abandonment. In an interview, he stated that he started eating the flesh of his victims in an attempt to make them stay with him forever. He felt that by eating a part of them, they would become a part of him forever. That is extreme BPD and he needed help. 

But you see, there are thousands of people in the world who have been diagnosed with BPD. I am one of them. But we haven’t started killing and eating our friends. No, we haven’t. I haven’t. I am addressing this because of the constant neglect young children and teenagers receive from their parents. I do not understand the desire to have kids if you would not pay attention to them. 

When was the last time you talked with your children? Have you tried to find out if they have friends at school? Have you ever questioned them about their relationships with people? Do you make out time to make them feel special? You know, we often overlook the necessary information and lessons in life. There’s a lesson to learn from everything and everyone. Jeffrey was terrified of being lonely and once he perceived the slightest sign of being abandoned, he would kill his victim. Talk to your children, spend time with them and shower them with love. 

Finally, the stigma for people with BPD has increased. I cannot provide evidence for this but from the Tiktok videos I have watched, I understand that many people are terrified of being with someone who has BPD. You shouldn’t! We all can make our choices. Several gruesome killers were not diagnosed with BPD. What matters is seeking help when you know you need it and striving to be a better person. 

Sympathy For Deaths/Murders

The Jeffrey Dahmer series has been all over social media, especially Tiktok. People have decided to make edits to this series. What further surprised me is the videos of certain Tiktok influencers. Some have described Jeffrey to be cute and interesting. This is extremely disgusting. There is nothing more disappointing than the reaction of the public to this series. 

However, I want to specifically talk about the description of Tony’s death. Tony was Jeffrey’s lover(I think) who many believed would change him. He didn’t and he was killed as well. The public has decided to tag Tony’s death as the most painful death amongst the 17 named people he killed. With all due respect, was the death of other victims not painful? Did it not matter? When did we get to say whose murder was much more painful? Have we for once considered the feeling of the victim’s family? 

Tony’s death was painful as well as others. Their death should not be a topic of entertainment or joke. We should respect the dead. Talking about them like they are simply part of a fiction story is wrong. There’s a limit to entertainment and I am afraid that we have crossed that a long time ago. 

Why I Would Not Watch Jeffrey Dahmer

  • I respect the families of the victims and understand what it feels like to lose someone in your life forever. 
  • Netflix did not contact or seek permission before retraumatizing the families of the victim. That is a no for me. 
  • The movie is a for-profit movie. Netflix doesn’t want to spread awareness(awareness for what exactly?). They just want our money. I would not watch a single episode of that series knowing that I am sending money to people who do not have sympathy for anyone. 
  • I will not watch Jeffrey Dahmer until I understand the need to recreate true crime stories. 
  • I am sensitive and I desire to avoid things that would trigger any deep emotions. 
  • I have a different perspective from other people. I might begin to over-criticize the movie which doesn’t make me any different from Tiktokers who make edits about it. 
  • I am simply disgusted by the idea.


As I mentioned earlier, I haven’t watched this series. I do not intend to watch it and I have never intended to watch it. There are several ways to learn about Jeffrey Dahmer(if there’s a need to know him) other than watching that movie. 

If you have perceived my post to be irrational and harsh, that is not my intention. But if you expect me to show sympathy to a man who murdered 17 people, that can never happen. I would rather jump into a pool full of crocodiles. He stated that he never hated any of his victims. Then why kill them? He was a cannibal, necrophile, and cold-blooded murderer. No one gives life except God, so we have no right to take life. Insane or not! 

I render my apologies to anyone who was triggered by this post. I tried my best to describe how I feel without the use of extreme words or describing disturbing scenes. Once again, I am sorry for that. 

It’s time Netflix dedicated its time to filming mind and soul-lifting movies. It’s time to change the world by spreading good and positive messages in the movies they release. It’s time for us to consider the feelings of people around us. 

A good movie makes the audience feel like they’ve journeyed with the characters. We need to journey with people that would change our lives forever. People that would inspire and help us improve ourselves. I specifically do not intend to delve into the mind of a horrible killer. It is unpleasant to me. 

Invest your time in things that would benefit you. Open your mind to ideas and facts that would enrich you. Because you are here to enrich the world, and you impoverish yourself if you forget the errand. Don’t let anyone tell you that these bad things happen and then everyone goes back to normal. You don’t have to be “everyone.” Stay with the grief, stay with the anger. Stay troubled by it all. Stay open hearted to those who grieve. Stay tuned to those working for change. 

Stay Blessed! Happy Weekend!


4 thoughts on “The Case Of Jeffrey Dahmer(Racism, Homophobia, BPD, Comparison To George Stinney And Netflix’s Horrible Decision)

  1. I completely underrated your perspective! I keep seeing this series pop up but it’s not my type of show – it’s crazy I didn’t realise that they didn’t contact the victims families!

    Liked by 2 people

    1. It’s all over the place: Tiktok, Instagram, Google! Netflix has received these complaints and I am quite sure are very aware of the controversies the series has raised. They have done nothing concerning it. They didn’t reach out before the movie and after. It’s just so disgusting. How can you make profit over 17 murders? Sighs!


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