What Can You Say About Your Country?

Nigeria is my favourite country. I love Nigeria. It is one of the biggest countries in the world. It is an old country. We have many famous people, poets and scientists, writers, artists. There are many beautiful natures in Nigeria. Annabel Anita

My favorite country is Mexico !! I love it because I was born here, there are my friends, and because it’s so beautiful.
Patricia Salce  

I love my country’s food, traditions, religion, sports, and festivities.
Francisco Trevino 

I love Mexico because it is a very nice country with a lot of fun and culture.
Andres Santos 

I love my country cause there’s a lot to do here!
You can play many sports, do many things, watch movies and see sport games.

I love my country because of the food, nature, and the attractions.
Jose Herrera 

I love my country because the beaches are so beautiful and the people are so nice here!!!
Sofia Ancer  

I love my country because its fun.
Luis Villarreal  

I love my country because it’s a nice place to live. One of the things that I love more from my country is the food, the customs, the costumes and more.
Rosalia Fernandez  

USA is a great place to live, many beautiful places to visit and things to do. Being free makes a country great! Christian

What Can You Tell Me About Your Country? What Do You Love About Your Country?


27 thoughts on “What Can You Say About Your Country?

      1. I will be really glad to do that. Nigeria is a beautiful country, mother nature so active and vibrant. Just like poland,the whole country is green with lots of beautiful sights. Our cultural diversity is epic and great. We have over 500 languages and cultures. It isn’t as horrible as most people describe it and I know it would be better with a better leader.

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  1. i admire you for your nationalism, your sense of pride for your country. we should all be doing that. we must be willing to do the extra effort to help our country and people always. cheers, anita! wish i could go and visit your country one of these days.

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  2. I am an Australian. Australia is called the lucky country, and we are to a large extent. As an island continent we are an ancient land that has all of the different climates that can be experienced anywhere, there are great beaches, wonderful forests and bush lands and deserts that go on forever.

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    1. Yes uplifting , Greetings I am very happy to have found a wonderful people here , I am a sick widow suffering from a chronic breast cancer , please send me an email then we can share the words of God even share more prayers together, my email ( ) God bless you , Mrs Yvette R Longman

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