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Why I Hate This Christmas

Post By: Christy. Age 15

Christmas is a magical time of the year. I just watched all my money magically disappear. I set a personal record on Christmas. I got my shopping done three weeks ahead of time. I had all the presents back at my house, I was halfway through wrapping them, and I realized, ‘Damn, I am going to be alone for Christmas’. So I just sold all the gifts I got to my neighbor for 2$. Yes, nothing more. Therefore, dear Santa, leave your credit card under a tree.

Once again, we come to the Holiday Season, a deeply religious time that each of us observes, in his own way, by going to the mall of his choice. I’ve had this look for about a year. I usually grow bigger and look better around Christmas. I like to go to malls dressed like a goddess, and I like to then walk around the mall and take pictures for my instagram. But this year, ‘No! No!. This wasn’t what it was supposed to be like, people!’ No Christmas gifts, no new hair, and I couldn’t even get to go to the mall. Just so you know, if I see Santa, I walk up to him and say, ‘Listen, fat man, you’re just a clown at Jesus birthday.

Have we forgotten the true meaning of Christmas? You know, Jesus birthday, not yours. Ever wonder what people got Jesus for Christmas? It’s like, “Oh great, socks. You know I’m dying for your sins right? Yeah, but thanks for the socks! They’ll go great with my sandals. What am I, German?” But there you are, all baked with makeup. And please breathe. We all know what’s behind your dress. You shouldn’t wait for the season to be over before hitting the gym. There is a remarkable breakdown of taste and intelligence at Christmas time. Mature, responsible grown men wear neckties made of holly leaves and women remain women. With a little sprinkle of madness.

Whether you’re offended by me saying Happy Holidays or Merry Christmas, take comfort in knowing I don’t really mean either. This Christmas instead of gifts, I’m giving everyone my opinions. May your medications trick you into believing you’re actually having a Merry Christmas. Because you aren’t. Especially if you’re black or African. No Santa, just father Christmas stealing beer bottles from each house. I stopped believing in Santa Claus when I was six. Mother took me to see him in a department store, and he asked for my autograph. I hate this Christmas. I received a lot of wonderful presents I can’t wait to exchange.

Christmas is the season when you buy this year’s gifts with next year’s money. I like to compare the holiday season with the way a child listens to a favorite story. The pleasure is in the familiar way the story begins, the anticipation of familiar turns it takes, the familiar moments of suspense, and the familiar climax and ending. And the way some of you would end your bank account just to celebrate Christmas. Just so you know, I will end our friendship if you come begging me for money next year. I don’t know if my Christmas gift this year is a good one or bad one. A week to do whatever I want.

For the past three months, I told my boyfriend in advance that all I wanted was an Iphone X. Just an Iphone X. That’s it. Beginning and end of list, iPhone X. You know what he got me? He sent me a merry Christmas card. Which was fine. Because I will soon get him an Xbox. You know, the box you gift your Ex. Sending Christmas cards is a good way to let your friends and family know that you think they’re worth the price of a stamp. Nobody sent me a Christmas gift today. I almost wish there weren’t a holiday season. I know nobody likes me. Why do we have to have a holiday season to emphasize it?”

I hate Christmas. The mall is full of nothing but women and children. All you hear is, ‘I want this,’ ‘Get me this,’ ‘I have to have this’… and then there’s the children. And they’re all by the store ’cause they stuck the mall Santa right outside ringing his stupid bell. As if you need a bell to notice a 300-pound alcoholic in a red suit saying ‘Ho, ho, ho,’ all day long. So, nice as can be, I go outside, ask him to shut the hell up. He takes a swing at me. So I lay a hook into his fat belly and he goes down. Beard comes off, all the kids start crying and I’m the bad guy. Seriously, all I want for Christmas

Is For It To Be Over.


12 thoughts on “Why I Hate This Christmas

    SMiLes Dear Annabel i only gave my Wife
    One Gift And i am Gonna Give it to You too:
    SMiLes Dear FRiEnD
    Love iS A Whole Ocean
    We aRe Fish What
    Happens When
    Fish Are Separated
    Now From An Ocean
    They Surely Don’t
    Drown They Slowly Suffocate
    What Makes Love An Ocean Now
    What Makes Fish Able to Breathe
    This Water And Never Suffocate
    They Swim They Swim They
    Never Stop Swimming
    The Water Deep
    And Blue
    Or Shallow
    And Clear They Swim
    They Swim They Never
    Stop Swimming Until they
    No Longer Breathe Water Free
    So Why Are So Many Humans Falling
    Away From the Water of Love the Whole
    Ocean And Suffocating Slowly Now This Way
    Yet Why Does the Hawk Rarely Fall From the Sky
    They Fly They Fly They Just Keep Flying And Sure
    Why Does the Monkey Rarely Fall From the Tree
    He Climbs He Climbs He or She Climbs And
    Just Never Stops Climbing Indeed
    Dear FRiEnD BeLieVE
    As i’m Spreading
    This Good News Today
    Originates From BeLeaf
    Originally to Mean BeLove
    The Fish is Water THere is No
    Separation the Water Swims the Fish
    The Hawk Is Air and Wind There is No
    Separation the Air and Wind Flies The Hawk
    The Monkey Is the Climb The Tree Inspires
    There is No Real Separation the Monkey is the
    Tree And So Are We This Leaf of BeLeaf
    Yes BeLieve Yes BeLove As Long
    As We aRe Trees Of Love
    Holding Hands
    With All our
    Leaves Forest Whole
    Naked Enough Complete
    BeinG Love Yes Being Leaf
    Tree Forest Whole BeLove
    For It’s True As Long As We Do
    Who We Truly Are This Ocean of Love
    We Swim We Fly We Climb Even Deeper
    And Higher as Love Gains Fins, Wings, Yes
    And Hands That Just Never Stop Swimming,
    Flying, Climbing Love Now So Yes Be Leaf,
    Be Tree, Be Forest Whole Love BeLieve BeLove
    Yet Most Importantly Swim, Fly, Climb Love And Never Give Up
    Be Love
    Do Love
    mY FRiEnD With Love…
    Hehe, i Guess the only Way i Will Measure
    Whether or Not it Satisfied Her or Not is She
    Did You Write That?
    Generally Speaking She
    Treats my Poetry Writing
    Like it is Worthless Yet i Never
    Keep Trying to Please Her i Even
    Wrote Her A 17,000 Word Poem One
    Birthday Celebration Of Her Rarely Aging
    Naming it “The Age of Katrina” in Short She
    Wasn’t Impressed at all She Didn’t even Read it
    Alas Poetry is Not Part of Her Love Language A Lad or
    Alladin Hehe Depending On Who One Asks it is mine…
    Yet it’s True i Am Really a Bit of An Indian Giver As an Indian
    Woman Hemalatha Who Is A Beautiful Poetess Soul actually Inspired
    The Poem Above As She Just Told me Last Week That All Love Stories
    Are Great Yet the One of
    me and my Wife is the
    Best Love Story oF all
    And True too
    Another Nice Young
    Indian Woman told me
    my Profile Pic With me and
    my Wife Smells Like Love and
    Her Comment Box Awaits the
    Finger Prints of my Words Patiently to see…
    It’s True Giving Material Things Has Never Been Part
    of my Love Language It’s Also True When i Retired After
    Being More of a Toxic Patriarchal Meanie Keeping my Wife
    Restricted to A 75 Dollar A Week Budget for Years as i sensed
    A Rainy Day Worse than a Hurricane was coming and Oh Lord it
    Verily Did Shut-in with
    19 Life Threat in
    Synergy of
    Work Related
    Disorders including
    that Worst Pain Known
    to Humankind Type Two Trigeminal
    Neuralgia Wake to Sleep for 66 Months
    No Drug Would Touch Just Shut-in in
    my Bedroom Every Second Eternally
    Hell No Memory of A Smile Ever Then
    Just No Reference Point out of
    Hell Every Second Eternally
    Time Just Time Just Hell
    Within then for 66 Months
    As Yes that Torture is Literally
    Assessed as Worse than Crucifixion
    in intensity of Misery and Suffering and
    no God Did Not Gift me With Only 3 Hours
    to 3 Days i Got the Full 66 Months Fredmas Package
    Gift Indeed…
    True There was
    A Day i Screamed that
    “Painting Scream” at the
    Ceiling to Feel Just one Little
    Bitty Feeling That Still Felt Icy
    Cold Numb Pain At God For “WHY ME!”
    i Asked my Mother and She Only Said “WHY NOT
    YOU!” And then went as far as speculating Perhaps
    i Was getting Pay-Back for my Grandfather X-Catholic Priest
    Leaving the Catholic Church i Kid You Not She Asked the Local
    Priest to See and Help me and even He ignored Her request seeing
    me as just a Lost Cause
    in Fact the Rheumatologist
    Who Couldn’t Do Anything
    For my Pain said Just Go away
    There is Nothing i Can Do For You…
    Damned if Having the Suicide Disease
    Wasn’t already Enough Particularly as
    Most Every Disorder i Had Was Invisible
    From the Outside Without the Ability to
    Feel my Hell
    Folks Told me
    Quit Whining
    Jesus had it Worse than
    You Yes my Mother Told me that
    And True its took ’em 2 Years to
    Diagnose me with the Suicide Pain
    Sticking A Stick With Lidocaine Way
    Up My Nose Touching A Nerve Area
    to See if the Pain Would Be Interrupted
    For Just an Instance Only Way to Diagnose it then
    And they Offered to Block the Nerve in my Face with
    the Spector of my Face Going Permanently Numb Yet the
    Truth was i Was More Afraid of Not Feeling Anything at all
    Including that Pain
    Than the Numb
    of Love All
    Gone And
    the Memory
    of Even if i ever
    Smiled before as
    Memories Are Emotions
    And Emotions are Memories
    Again no Reference Point out of Hell
    So Anyway my Mother Ordered A Book on
    ‘The Crucifixion of Jesus’ And When She Received
    it in the Mail She opened it in Front of me and Turned
    to A Random Page and just a Strangest Miracle She Her
    Self came to the Line that said the Only Pain Assessed Worse
    than Crucifixion is Trigeminal Neuralgia Yet Even though She Read
    Those Words to me
    She Still Insisted Jesus
    Endured More By Being
    Crucified For Only
    3 Hours to 3
    That Was my Life
    Then i Wasn’t Trying to
    Prove anything i Was Just
    Telling Her the Truth from the Get Go
    It’s What i Do i Tell the Truth And Trust
    me that Won’t Win Ya Many FRiEnDS Particularly
    if You Write A Bible Poem “SonG oF mY SoUL” 10 MiLLioN
    Words Longest Ever EPiC Long Form Bible Poem And Just Tell the
    Truth That Yes You Did More in John 14:12 WAYS THAT MOST FOLKS
    KING JAMES SIZED TRY yet with me it was Just little old me and alot
    oF it Just one Finger in the Morning on a Smart Phone Yes an iPhone XS
    Your Wish For A Christmas Gift From Your Soon to Be X-Boyfriend Who
    Only Gave You a Christmas Card Indeed hehe… Yet True it Took Innumerable
    Ghost Authors With Famous Pen Names ASSiGNeD to them Like Luke,
    Matthew and Mark to Get That ‘Little’ Job Done And Even though
    Jesus Was Illiterate And Spoke Aramaic it’s literally True These
    Roman Folks
    Who Wrote
    in Greek Are
    Still Worshipped
    On Bended Knee All Around
    The World For Their Words
    Attributed to Jesus Still Now in that Story
    Called The Greatest Story Ever Told Well the Truth
    is my Story is Greater For i Really Believed the Story
    The Teachings of Jesus When He Said if you Believe
    You Will Do Greater Works Now than me That’s Not An
    ONLY God Speaking That is a Mentor And Ancient Teacher
    That is A Humble Man of Love Speaking That Only
    Wants to See His Disciples Otherwise Known
    As Students Do more than He did i Believed
    So Like Nike the Goddess of Victory
    Who Doesn’t really Need to Sell
    Shoes for the Win Suggests
    “Just DO IT!” so with
    All Due Copy Rights
    “i Just DID IT” A Timeless
    Work of Art Greater than the
    Old King James Sized Effort
    Literally 12 Scale Larger in 100 Months of Effort…
    And You Know What Sure i Emptied my Pockets into
    my Wife’s Purse When i ReTiReD As Jesus Suggested by
    Reports in His Story That’s How He Did Heaven On Earth
    too Sold His Worldly Possessions Emptied His Pockets
    Spread A Message of Love Living off the Kindness of
    Others Through All the World He Explored in His
    Small Desert Patch And Rocky Terrain
    in the Middle East Way Before
    A Fiber Optic Cable
    Could Possibly
    Carry Him in the
    ‘Heavens’ Above to
    Return And Spread A Similar
    Message the Way He Came First
    Spreading the Message From the
    Internet ‘Cloud’ Above Hmm.. As Long
    As the Servers Will Serve His Message Up
    Virtually Living Online as An Avatar He Will Last
    As Long As Servers Serve Him Up For Free Hehe
    if Corporations Would Be Willing to Give that Much
    Yet The Truth is my FRiEnD Things Change and Fall
    Apart Yet The Truth is Dear FRiEnD iN Essence LoVE Remains
    True and Real This BeLieve This BeLeaf This BeLove This
    Living Tree Inhaling Peace Exhaling LoVE iN JoY oF LiGHT Forest
    Whole Now and The Truth is hehe if i Give You a Dollar Bill for Christmas
    my Wife Will
    Practically Crucify
    me as this Morning
    Like ‘Homer Simpson’
    i Stood Before our Little
    Charlie Brown Christmas Tree
    In my Underwear And T-Shirt
    (i Told Her Here i am Your Present Now
    Actually Surviving Those Words HeHe)
    That only Has one Gift A Box that
    i’ve Already Figured Out has a New
    Dancing Shirt That i Will Wear to Continue
    my Ministry of Close to 16,000 Miles of Public
    Dance For 100 Months too That Without a Word
    Shows A Dancing Way in Autotelic Meditating Spiraling
    Flow to Enter Into the Ascending Transcending Kingdom
    Yes And or Queendom of Heaven Within And Staycation
    Here Eternally
    NoW As
    Gift oF All
    Yet You See This
    Heaven Must Be Generated
    Within Not Different than Faith
    That Heals the Words Attributed
    to Jesus are Just No Good Without
    The Real Trinity of BeLieVE BeLeaf
    BeLove This Living Tree of Life Of Love
    This Leaf that May Be Us to Grow and Feed
    The Forest of Love Water Wave Ocean Whole For
    All Giving, Sharing, Caring, Healing This Way With Least
    Harm For All And True Dear FRiEnD i’ve Been Dirt Poor too…
    In College Without A Penny to my Name And Struggling Working
    3 Part Time Jobs to Get Through With a Full Work Load of College
    With At Least Peanut Butter Sandwiches to Eat Driving A 16 Year-Old
    Maverick Car With No Heat or Air-Conditioning A White Horse Steed
    of A Fix Or Repair Daily F.O.R.D. With 250,000 Miles on the Second Engine Hehe
    Yes it’s Hard
    to Have Nothing
    As Far As Money and
    Stuff Goes in a World that
    Worships Money and Stuff
    As God So Much Cogs in School
    And Work to Keep the Soulless Matrix
    Machine Running Day Through Night
    Yet i Will Tell You This Dear FRiEnD
    Even though i Made it to That Never
    Ending Hurricane Storm of Hell in
    Life Financially Independent
    The Only Rainbow i Had
    Left Was After the
    LoVE Returned
    As me After
    66 Months Standing
    on A Beach on July 19, 2013
    One With Sugar White Sands
    Emerald Green Waves Sea Oats
    Swaying in the Breeze me FRiEnDS
    With Gravity Again So much More than
    WaLKinG oN Water Dear FRiEnD Spiraling
    Sea Gull Wings Around the Sun Transformed
    to A Terrestrial Public Dance of Heaven in Dance
    And Song For 100 Months Now As it Took Close to
    A Month to Get Warmed Up For it After Coming Out
    of the Ice Cold Numb Pain of HeLL ON EartH For 66 Months…
    The Truth is this The Roman Empire And the Catholic Church
    Changed The Humble Man’s Story Born in Nazareth into A Sun
    God Same As Constantine Worshiped As Monolithic Statue
    in the Roman
    Court Square
    To Expand that
    Empire across the
    Globe Rome No Longer
    Exists in Name Here Yet We Still
    LiVE iN That Matrix of God Is
    Power, Status, And Material Gains…
    The Honest to God Truth is if Jesus Returned
    Again And Could Actually Convince Folks That He
    Was Really Jesus by the Loving SMiLes He Spread to
    Everyone The Same Onward ‘Christian Soldiers’ Who
    Crucified Him By Whatever Name then Would Spit on Him
    Again in School For Being A Boy Who Smiled And Stumbling
    off the Stage So Spirit Filled Playing “Jesus Christ Superstar”
    For A Talent
    Show for No Reason
    to Win only to Spread
    The Spirit of Heaven THeNoW
    Yet You See God Will Be No Fool
    When God Really Returns to Earth
    In All Our Human Forms Always Best
    At Now For We Shall BeLieve BeLeaf
    BeLove At Best And Hold Hands
    Best With Empty Pockets
    Finding A Way
    To Live a Life
    Of Love Rather
    than Power, And Status
    And Frigging Money and Stuff Alone
    And No Hell No Love Doesn’t Torture
    Forever Love Doesn’t Demand Worship
    Love is Never Afraid of Criticism As Love
    Is Fearless
    Free And
    Real to Never Give Up
    On Giving Sharing Caring
    Healing Naked Enough Whole
    Complete For Yes It’s True God
    Has Never Been A Dollar Bill Alone
    God Has Never Been A Man And or
    Woman Alone God is Love When
    We Make All of Existence
    DarK Thru LiGHT
    Love Now
    As We Only
    Follow God’s Best
    Breath Inhaling Peace
    Exhaling Love This Way for
    All With Least Harm NoW iN JoY oF LiGHT Thru DarK my FRiEnD
    Yet You See i Already Read The Story of Jesus i Already Read Between
    The Lines i Already KNew that if and When i Did Greater Works Than Jesus
    No One Would Even Really Notice The Words i Bring For Tradition (Religion) Naturally
    The New
    And the
    Others That
    Are Them
    And Not Us
    And this Way
    One Must Travel
    Far to Places Like
    ‘Kashmir’ to Even Be
    Recognized as BreathinG Love my
    FRiEnD Other than How ‘They’ Changed
    The Story of Jesus into an Idol of God
    And Turned Him into ‘Mr. Hyde’
    Instead of Keeping
    Him “Dr.
    Jekyll” of the
    Beatitudes Before
    He Changed Folks who
    Were Naughty and Not Nice
    Into Goats From Sheep And
    Burned them Forever by Pen Name
    Matthew for Whatever Psychopathic
    Leaning Ghost Author Came up With that
    Fresh Hell in A Story then…Yes Indeed God of Love
    Does Reveal BeLieVE BeLeaf BeLoVE iN Many
    Parts oF A STory For those With EYes and Ears
    To See and Hear the Deeper Meanings of
    The Poetry Expressed THere Yet Ha!
    After Writing 10 MiLLioN Words of
    Free Verse Poetry
    in 100 Months
    It’s Obvious
    That Each Human
    Is Both All and Unique
    EYes of God Who See(s) the
    World as A UNiVerSE NoW Unto
    THeir EYes of God Unique ThiS Way
    So What this Means is Whether We Read
    One or Write one We All Do Our Own Unique
    Bibles of Life BeLieve BeLeaf BeLove This Living
    Tree Dancing
    Singing Free
    Is Indeed JeSuS
    Enough as me Within
    For Real by Metaphor of Course
    my FRiEnD For It’s true if no one
    Picks Up the John 14:12 Challenge
    JeSuS Wishes in the Story Don’t Come True
    True A Lot of People Are Gonna Be Butt Hurt
    if Jesus Could Really Come Back And Deliver
    The Same Message the Beatles Did in their
    Very Successful John Lennon 14:12 Effort
    As He Was Killed For Telling the Truth
    for Doing More Than Jesus the
    Same Way it All
    Comes Down
    to All We Need
    Really is Love
    Yet True i ain’t
    Gonna Lie Being
    Financial Independent
    And Having a Personal
    Wife As Secretary, Accountant,
    Who Insists that She Does All
    The Household Duties So Much
    Better Than me That i Just Comply And
    Say Yes Dear Have IT ALL YOUR WAY
    Yes i Agree So Much! You Are Greater
    me When
    it Comes
    to Even
    Out the Frigging
    Garbage And Getting
    It Centered Just Right
    Yes Just Right Exactly THE
    Number of 3.3 PRECISE
    Inches off the Road HAha…
    True Dear i Ain’t no Real Fool
    i’ll Stay Way too Big to See for
    The Rest of my Life And Enjoy
    Heaven This WHole Ride for Free
    As i Dance and Sing Now For the
    Truth is the Savior has Always Been
    Love only A Place Like Rome and the
    United States Would Be So Poor to Only Dedicate
    One Day
    A Year
    to Love and
    Turn it into
    Frigging BLacK Friday For Real…
    Such an Evil Matrix This Really
    Is Indeed The Face of Trump the
    Real Christian Jesus in America
    Most Folks See Flying on
    Even Democracy
    Where At Least We
    Have A Right to Life,
    Liberty, And the Pursuit
    of Heaven on Earth Now
    With Empty Pockets and
    A Wife With A Big Chubby Wallet
    Who Just Can’t Seem to Age much in my
    Case-Study of Heaven NoW oN EartH
    Life is Tricky
    my FRiEnD
    Life Is A Matrix
    to Unplug From and
    Escape When We Can
    And Will BeCoME BeLieVE
    BeLeaf BeLove Again For Real Now
    It’s True None of my Words Are Worth
    A Penny
    And Indeed
    This is my
    Real GAMe Plan
    For Free PlaY iNDeed…
    In This Life Sadly People
    Don’t Treat New FRiEnDS
    As Old FRiEnDS And Old FRiEnDS
    As New FRiEnDS YeT i REalize Sadly
    Not Everyone is Raised By A Mother Named LiGHT…
    Just What my Mother’s Name Helen Still Really
    Means in my Breath STiLL FoR ReaL NoW
    And is it Really
    A Surprise my
    Sister’s Name is Marie
    And My Wife’s Name
    Katrina Means Pure
    With Mia As A Middle
    Name that in Male
    Form Michael Means
    Close to God and in Italian
    Means Family Not Really
    For Indeed There is No Time
    or Distance No Space or
    Matter of Things
    In Love Forever ReAlly
    Now Yet i Don’t Wanna
    Get into Areas i Cannot Prove
    For Real Just Yet mY FRiEnD…
    Anyway Marie Just Brought the
    Rest of the Presents Over Indeed
    Her Love Language is Gifts There
    Is Always At Least one in the Family HAha…
    Oh by the Way Frederick in German Means
    Peaceful Ruler and Arthur my Middle Name Means
    Strong and
    Bear King too
    i Don’t Give
    Out my Sir
    Yet It Means
    Keeper of the Land/Nature
    in Fact A Form of the Sir Name
    That Means A Silt Mix of Water and Earth
    is on Page 8 of Karen Armstrong’s
    Book “The HiSToRY of God” as the
    First Name Attributed to God on Earth…
    i’m Not Much Into Names And i Didn’t
    Speak Until 4 Yet it’s True it’s Still All
    About the Play the Dance For Real…
    BeLoVE This
    is My Lovemas
    Story Ever Changing
    Now God’s Law Balancing
    it All At Best in Change Never
    Ending Never Landing Stories For All to Breathe
    Every Breath
    A New
    A Newer
    For Real
    N o W
    of God to
    Inhale Peace
    And Exhale Love Even More Now..
    Hehe See What i Mean About Being ‘The
    Meh, i’ll
    Being Wearing
    SHades When i
    Go See “Matrix
    Resurrections’ on Christmas
    Day True i’ll Have to Borrow
    the Money From my Wife to get in Haha..
    Ya Do What Ya Gotta Do to Survive i Get the Hard Part too my FRiEnD…
    That First 53 Years of Life Really WaS A Matrix That S88KeD Lemons
    Lemonade TRuE…
    As Far as i Feel and
    See THeRE Will Be No
    Heaven On Earth Within
    Without a Little Hell on
    The Fryer to Butter up Heaven Sunnyside Up…
    And With That Said i Leave You With “Shepherd of Fire”
    This Morning
    “The Devil”
    Is A Password
    to WHere i am Now too
    From ‘Hell’ First WiTHiN mY FRiEnd
    Indeed DarK iS LiGHT All Is God Now…
    Merry Lovemas Love Is Love Is Love For Real Now..:)

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      1. All the very best for your coming exam Anna! Wish you all the luck and strength to come out with flying colors😭❤️

        Well, right now my insta is dead😂will be reopening one very soon!


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