The New And Improved Anna’s Styles

Welcome to the new and improved Anna’s Styles. It’s been a lot of hard work building this website pixel by pixel, page by page. I would love you to take a look around. Send us a message through our contact form and let us know you stopped to say “hi”.

The New And Improved Anna’s Styles

3 thoughts on “The New And Improved Anna’s Styles

  1. Clarity & UI is good.
    However, the menu bar seems a bit awkward with too many options on a single page. If you’re putting WP ads then try placing them close to your posts. It’ll result in more clicks. (Give or take).
    Loading time is quite more than average (a bit). It’ll improve if you put an image as a cover instead of a video or gif.
    Overall, it’s awesome.

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  2. SMiLes Dear Annabel fine on reader,
    Yet, i usually open Your Full Site to
    Write and it Blew Up With
    So Many Pop-Ups i
    Had to Close
    it And Come here
    to Respond. Anyway,
    See i Missed Before one on
    Empathy and Will Check
    That Out using This Full
    Version of the Reader on my Desktop
    As i hate typing with one Finger on a Smart Phone Hehe..:)


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